• Advanced website traffic statistics, with a user-friendly interface: sophisticated dashboard, visitors, conversions, session duration, page traffic, latest visitor activity, referrals, devices, bounce rates, time of visits, competition analysis, traffic structure and much more!
  • Visitor behavior analytics: real recordings of visitor sessions, custom event tracking, heatmaps & conversion funnels. Get valuable insights about how visitors interact with your site & boost your online success!
  • Visitor feedback analytics: invaluable & direct feedback from your website’s visitors using targetable surveys and polls.
  • Innovative Tracking-Lösung, die ohne die Verwendung von Cookies funktioniert! DSGVO- & CCPA-konform. Verfügbar in 20 Sprachen. Datenverarbeitung findet ausschließlich durch Visitor Analytics statt. Keine Weitergabe von Daten an Dritte.
  • Verstehen Sie Ihre Besucher wie nie zuvor, überprüfen Sie Ihre Konversionsprozesse & verfolgen Sie Ihre Webseitenbesucher in Echtzeit!

Visitor Analytics is an All-in-One Analytics App that couples essential website stats with user behavior analytics and visitor interaction features like polls and surveys. Everything brought to you in an innovative and user-friendly way without any use of cookies. Why waste time and money on countless tools, when you have everything needed in one place, at a better price?


  • Erstaunliche Einblicke & Statistik
  • Sitzungsaufnahmen: Echte Videos Ihrer Besuchersitzungen
  • Wärmebilder: Welche Seitenbereiche erfahren die meiste und die wenigste Besucherinteraktion
  • Konversionstrichter: Optimieren Sie Ihre Konvertierungsprozesse.
  • Finden Sie heraus, wann Ihre Webseite die meisten Besuche verzeichnet


Visitor Analytics ist ein Software-as-a-Service (SAAS), der Ihrer Webseite einen Tracking-Code hinzufügt und es Ihnen ermöglicht, Ihre Statistiken über einen in Ihrem WordPress-Dashboard eingebetteten iframe zu überprüfen. Auf diese Weise müssen Sie Ihre WordPress-Administrationsoberfläche nicht verlassen, um Ihre Statistiken zu einzusehen!

Zur Installation von Visitor Analytics führen Sie bitte die folgenden Schritte aus:

  1. Gehen Sie zu Ihrem WordPress Dashboard
  2. Wählen Sie das Menü Plugins
  3. Klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche Neu hinzufügen
  4. Jetzt können Sie durch die Plugins blättern oder direkt nach Visitor Analytics für WordPress suchen und auf Jetzt installieren klicken.
  5. Füllen Sie das Anmeldeformular aus.
  6. Bestätigen Sie Ihre E-Mail-Adresse.

Sehen Sie sich hier unser Video-Tutorial an:


How do I install Visitor Analytics on my WordPress site?

Visitor Analytics is a 3rd party plugin on Wix Market, and it can be easily added to your WordPress site. You can find detailed information on how to install it in our install guide here.

Why is the plugin not loading in WordPress?

1. Please note that your browser might have cookies blocked for third party apps. You must allow third party cookies, or add this link as an exception to your blocked list, in order to allow cookies from us to be applied.

2. You can also try out the following:

  • Re-install the plugin

  • Clear the cache memory of the browser

  • Check if it works using an Incognito/Private session or another browser

3. Another posibility would be that the CURL extension or allow_url_fopen are disabled on your web server. Does your server’s php configuration have CURL extension or allow_url_fopen disabled, by any chance? You can check on these in your php.ini file. It might be connected to the PHP file_get_contents function which has a limitation.

Why are the login/register buttons not clickable/accessible?

Please note that your browser might have cookies blocked for third party apps (or all cookies are blocked). You must allow third party cookies, or add this link as an exception to your blocked list, in order to allow cookies from us to be applied.

If allowing the cookies doed not do the trick, you can also try out the following:

  • Re-install the plugin

  • Clear the cache memory of the browser

  • Check if it works using an Incognito/Private session or another browser

Can I log in with multiple accounts within the same plugin?

We highly recommend you not to do so!

Logging in with other Visitor Analytics accounts within the WordPress plugin is possible, but it will involve adding your site to the other account, which will start tracking visits on that one from that moment. So if you already had data within the previous account (or even worse, if you have already paid a subscription to the other account), you will start from scratch in case you log in with a second account, everything will be switched to the most recent account you’ve logged in with.

If this already happened, do not worry, all you have to do is to log back in with the original account, where your data and subscription are, and continue where you left of.

How can I log out from my Visitor Analytics account within the plugin?

Having the plugin installed and being logged in, will keep the app alive. The app is fully installed on your website, once you are logged in with your account, because that’s the moment when it embeds the tracking code within your website’s source-code.

The only way to log out is to remove the plugin and re-install it back, to get to the Login/Register page again.

Note that if you only have the plugin installed, but you are not logged in, the app will not track your visitors.

Can I use the same account on the Standalone version of the app?

Yes, you can go to our Standalone app and login with the same acount you used to login within our WordPress plugin.

Why do I keep getting an error saying that the tracking code is not successfully installed?

As long as the visits are being tracked, this is not something you should worry about!

Most probably, there is a space or a character missing or added extra in the code, and our code checker cannot find it in the form in which it expects to find it. Or the source-code is not publicly visible (due to an iFrame your website is in, or a redirect from a domain to another) and the checker cannot find it at all.

Rest assured, this can be easily dissmised. Just contact us and we’ll have it checked and set on successfully installed, if everything is working properly.


4. Juni 2021
We reached our monthly limit 1000 visitors in a week... After that we were unable to use the plugin. All the features including counting visits and visitors are blocked! Plus the developers proudly state that my data will be reset to zero and lost forever if I don't upgrade. This is crazy, this is unacceptable. I'm out! Suggestion: You guys should let the basic features unlimited.
16. Oktober 2020
These people claim that they are conforming to "privacy laws" - yet they're sending unsolicited emails "to our contacts" without even mentioning how they obtained my email address. 🙁 What's more, the sender name is "WordPress Analytics" - this probably violates the WordPress Foundation trademark. Not exactly the way to go in establishing trust. I wouldn't dare to expose my website data to this plugin.
22. April 2020
This is a very good plugin for your site's analytics. It has tracks page visits, bounce rates, live visitors with their location. It also does have a very nice design and organized dashboard with maps and charts.
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