Dieses Plugin ist nicht mit den jüngsten 3 Hauptversionen von WordPress getestet worden. Es wird möglicherweise nicht mehr gewartet oder unterstützt und kann Kompatibilitätsprobleme haben, wenn es mit neueren Versionen von WordPress verwendet wird.



Voxpress is the official plugin for integrating the Ubivox newsletter service with your wordpress site. Voxpress makes it possible to subscribe, unsubscribe and view archives of your newsletters.


When Voxpress is installed you will get access to the following widgets:

  • Ubivox Subscription
  • Ubivox Unsubscription
  • Ubivox Archive
  • Ubivox Control Panel
  • Ubivox Verified Sender Seal

Widget: Subscription
This widget will let you insert a subscription form into any of your widget areas. The widget can either be an inline widget but can also be a pop up widget.

The pop up widget will let you create a modal box when the page is loaded (or after a given delay) to prompt the visitor to subscribe. The modal box can be styled individual through the widget and you can have multiple subscription widgets on a page.

Widget: Unsubscription
The unsubscribe widget will insert a form for unsubscribing a mail list on Ubivox. You can have multiple unsubscribe widgets on a page.

Widget: Archive
The archive widget will show a list of links to the most recent archived newsletters on a selected list. The archived newsletters will open in a new window and show the newsletter archive view from Ubivox

Widget: Control Panel
The control panel widget will provide a link to your Ubivox Subscriber control panel, where your subscribers can login and manage their subscriptions and data given to your.

Widget: Verified Sender Seal
The verified sender widget will display your verified sender seal on your website.

Modal view of firect links to archived newsletters

When the plugin is activated you will be able to link to a raw version of an archived newsletter and it will be displayed in a modal popup, avoiding that your users leave your site.

Administrative features

You’ll also be able to view latest sent newsletters, drafts and statistics directly in you wordpress admin interface.

How to get an Ubivox account

Ubivox is a service for designing, writing, sending and evaluating newsletters. To use the Voxpress plugin you must have
an Ubivox account to connect the plugin to.

You can sign up for an Ubivox account at https://www.ubivox.com


To install the plugin, just copy the plugin directory to you wordpress plugin folder and activate it on the plugins page.

After the plugin has been activated you have to connect it to your Ubivox account by going to the plugin settings page
and enter the account URL, the account API url, username and API key.

You’ll find all the information inside your Ubivox account under the menu „Account“ -> „Users & security“ -> API Authentification.


Is the plugin free?

The Voxpress is free, but requires an active Ubivox account with API access which is a paid service.

How do I get support for the plugin?

The Voxpress plugin is supported just as yor Ubivox account, through the regular Ubivox support channels.

Is the support free?

The Voxpress support is charged the same way as the support for your Ubivox account. E-mail support is free, but phone support requires a payed support contract.

Can you install the plugin for me?

We might provide consultancy install service of the plugin, depending on how complex the site is and time available. Please contact our support to discuss options and possibilities.


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  • Initial release


  • Bugfix in API


  • Versioning fix


  • Support for Ubivox Verified Sender Seal


  • Fixed conflicts with Jetpack.
  • Fixed a couple of warnings.


  • Removing unused simplegrid which caused interface conflicts
  • Clean up other css
  • Changed menu icon to built in envelope icon for better future support
  • Renamed menu item from newsletters to Voxpress
  • Removed menu position so it doesn’t conflict with avada theme and other plugins taking the 3rd position


  • Fixing bug with missing subscriber data on new subscriptions


  • Fixing bug with cookie javascript


  • Force new release for wordpress plugin repository


  • Minor support link change


  • Bugfix for future PHP versions