Unlimited Theme Addon For Elementor and WooCommerce


Enhance your Elementor page builder widgets and take your website functionality to the next level. It is a very essential addon for elementor. if you are Looking to add extra functionality to the Elementor page builder then this plugin will be more effective for you. Explore the most invaluable third party add-ons for Elementor. Using unlimited theme addons you can quickly enhance your website performance. You can easily make a woocommerce product grid and product list using this plugin. We are trying to boost your business to the next level with this plugin. You can get Elementor Pro features in free while using the plugin. Elementor template shortcode and custom Template kit is available in free.

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Feel free to email us if you need to develop any custom widget for elementor. We are reliable and hgihly skilled on Elementor addons development.

Elementor page builder is required for below features.


  • WooCommerce Product Grid – Showcase your WooCommerce product as grid style. make different types of product grid with elementor plugin for your website. The elementor product will be mobile responsive. It will be helpful for your customer to get a quick add to cart for your store product. The unlimited theme addons come with multiple options to manage the product grid into your wordpress website.

  • WooCommerce Product List – Showcase Woocommerce Product as list style with different styles. Our plugin provides the opportunity to make a product list with elementor for your woocommerce store. You aren’t required to have programming knowledge to make a product list for your WordPress website.

  • WooCommerce Product Search – Make Woocommerce product search with category in elementor addons. If you are looking to search your woocommerce product with elementor addons plugin then we can help you with that to make it easy. Our plugin has a widget to set product search options. you can set the elementor search addons with product category. it will help to find out the products for your customer.

  • Accordion – Create beautiful accordion/FAQ using elementor. You can set your accordion icon according to your need. The plugin accordion compatible for maximum browser. Easy to use and mobile responsive.

  • Title – Make section title, block title, premium section title. No skill required to do this thing. just make different types of product title with unlimited theme addons plugins.

  • Video – Make popup videos with elementor in different types of layouts.

  • Button – You can make quick buttons with responsive style. You can also make a video popup by set the URL to button.

  • Testimonial – Easily able to make elementor testimonials with unlimited theme addons.

  • Team – Make your team member style with elementor. You can make almost 10+ different types of design. Choose your team style according to your needs. There has largest option to customize the team’s components.

  • Pricing – Make a beautify pricing table with theme addons plugin. It is super easy to make a pricing table for your website . just make a modern, creative, outstanding pricing table with elementor.

  • Infobox – Make elementor infobox with 10+ style. Create infobox design with beautiful icon creative layout. just build up a modern infobox design for your WordPress site.

  • Blog – Build elementor blog grid style with outstanding design. Get the blog according to your need with a huge customization option.

  • Before After Image Comparison – Design elementor before after comparison slider with fancy style. Make the image comparison slider horizontal and vertical.

  • Company Logo Slider – Show elementor company logo slider with a huge number of styles. This is the important elementor addons widget for our plugin cause we have set a huge number of styles for free for our customer.

  • Blockquote – Show responsive blockquote.

Free Extension.

  • Elementor Template Shortcode – Elementor Paid version feature is now free into our plugin. You can’t get shortcode features without purchasing pro version of ELementor. So without purchasing Pro version of ELementor you can get shortcode features by enabling shortcode addons. To enable the extension from Dashboard > Theme Addons > Addons.
  • Template Kit – You can make your template reusable in every page by adding shortcode. To enable the extension from Dashboard > Theme Addons > Addons.
  • Hide Admin Bar – Unlimited Theme Addons allow you to hide admin bar for frontend. To hide admin bar first have to enable the extension from Dashboard > Theme Addons > Addons.
  • Hide WooCommerce Price – If you are using WooCommerce and want to hide price then this plugin for you. To hide price for WooCommerce first have to enable the extension from Dashboard > Theme Addons > Addons.
  • WooCommerce Direct Checkout – You can skip cart page and and redirect to checkout page after added to cart. To enable direct checkout you have to enable the extension from Dashboard > Theme Addons > Addons.
  • WooCommerce Hide Related Products – You can disable or remove woocommerce related product from your website by enabling this addons. To hide the WooCommerce related product you have to enable the extension from Dashboard > Theme Addons > Addons.
  • Disable Gutenberg – Enable classic editor and disable gutenberg from your dashboard. To enable the extension navigate to Dashboard > Theme Addons > Addons.

Why this plugin is SEO friendly

Unlimited Theme Addons is an SEO friendly plugin. We don’t reload extra resources while using Elementor Widget. You can simply enable/disable widgets from Dashboard > Theme Addons. CSS and JS will be loaded depending on what Widget are you using on your Website.

About the Author

Unlimited Theme Addon is the newest creation to the product line up of CodePopular, it has already managed to win the hearts of its users with a staggering 5-star rating. The plugin is coded in a structured way so you don’t require any major coding know-how and is completely cross-browser compatible with mobile responsive features. You can get the largest number of addon styles for free here.


  • Plugin Dasbhoard.
  • Elementor Template Shortcode.
  • Template Kit Shortcode.
  • Testimonial.
  • Before after compare.
  • Team Member.
  • Product List.
  • Product Grid.


Here are a few steps to describe how to install the plugin and get it working.
1. Download and unzip the plugin
2. Upload the entire „unlimited-theme-addons“ directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
3. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
4. Go to „Theme Addons“ menu and configure your settings
5. On the other way you can Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins Menu’ screen in WordPress


Do WordPress Plugins Affect Site Speed?

No, We have provided minified css to optimize your website.

How to remove Related Product in WooCommerce?

Its easy. Just click on theme addons on admin top bar > Navigate to addons > Enable the addons.

How to hide admin bar in frontend?

To hide the admin bar just click on Theme Addons > Addons > Then enable the addons.

How to hide price in WooCommmerce?

To hide the WooCommerce price just click on Theme Addons > Then click on Addons > Then enable the addons from there.

How can I discuss the plugin issues?

You’re more than welcome! we are ready to solve your issue. you can ask the query here.


17. März 2022 1 reply
UTA is the best theme add-on plugin I’ve used for my Elementor website, it has many handy essential features, such as „WooCommerce product search.“. Excellent support for the concerns.
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Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„Unlimited Theme Addon For Elementor and WooCommerce“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:




  • Counter Up issue fixed.
  • WordPress latest version 6.4 tested.


  • Infobox issue fixed.


  • Shortcode Added For Elementor Template.


  • Template kit added with shortcode.


  • Team Member Design Updated.


  • Latest Version(5.9) Compatibility Check.


  • Addons added to disable gutenberg and enable classic editor.


  • Readme.txt updated.


  • Accordion elementor widget added.
  • WooCommerce hide related product addons added.


  • Accordion elementor widget added.
  • WooCommerce hide related product addons added.


  • Infobox layout label fixed.
  • Block quote widget added.


  • CSS loading issue fixed.


  • Addons added for hide price.
  • Addons added for add to cart redirect to checkout.
  • Addons added for hide admin bar in frontend.


  • Plugin description issue fixed.


  • Code standard checked.
  • Plugin description updated.
  • WordPress latest version 5.8 tested.


  • Testimonial updated.
  • Elementor dynamic style fixed.
  • infobox style updated.


  • CSS and JS separately loaded depending on Widget.
  • Slick slider issue fixed.


  • Counter up widget added.
  • PHP issue fixed.
  • Admin page added to manage widget.


  • Multiple button style added.


  • Multiple Team style added.
  • Multiple Pricing style added.
  • Company Logo Slider Added.


  • 12 type of style added for infobox.


  • Product Search Bar Fixed.
  • Testimonial Updated.


  • Woocommerce Product Search Added.


  • WordPress latest version( 5.7 ) tested.

= 1.0.7=
* Product list widget fixed.
* Title widget fixed.
* WordPress latest Version Tested.
* Woocommerce latest version( 4.9.2 ) tested.

= 1.0.6=
* Option added to change before after comparison label.
* Woocommerce latest version( 4.9 ) tested.

= 1.0.5=
* Product grid updated.
* Product list added.
* Tested up to 5.6.
* Ratings added in testimonial.

= 1.0.4=
* Before after image comparison added


Css Issue Fixed


Css Issue Fixed


initial release