This plugin has been closed as of 22. Juli 2022 and is not available for download. This closure is permanent. Grund: Lizenz-/Markenrechtsverletzung.


23. Feber 2022
customer support I was provided after installing the plugin was amazing. Fast and professional no doubt! I wish more companies support their products and services at that 5 star level. Many thanks! All done and working nicely...
10. Jänner 2022 2 replies
Misleading description! Also not suited for EU sellers who offer virtual services or digital goods. Some missing payments and buyer's info, difficult to track payments. It requires third party's authentication with paypal, which paypal itself does not recommend. At the end got problems with paypal after 6 years of flawless transactions. Thank you for my sleepless nights and hours of legal information I had to read. I wonder what kind of excuse you will make for withholding some important information. If author him self gives 5 star rating for his own product and uses other tricks just to promote it..
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