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Orenda Elementor Plugin


Orenda Elementor Plugin

Our technology allows you to build slick, branded applications with little to no code!

Who we are

Orenda’s mission is to overcome some of the most common barriers to Fintech, including high upfront costs and expensive resource requirements.

We simplify embedded financial products, by doing the hard work for you. We are giving you the breathing space to focus on what matters the most: your product and customers.

For more info feel free to contact us on enquiries@orenda.finance

No Code Embedded Financial Service

Our Elementor plugin makes building your own Fintech as easy as drag n' drop. Automatically embedding Orenda"s Low Code, PCI DSS compliant, financial services. This plugin adds the required code right into your website – truly no code.

Read more about our plugins here: https://www.orenda.finance/widget-library

How does it work?

After installing Orenda"s Elementor Plugin, you can immediately start creating your Fintech using drag n' drop – no code and no configurations.
The default install will activate our sandbox environment. The sandbox is preloaded with data, for testing to kickstart your designs while we onboard your Fintech.

Once you are onboarded, going "live" is as simple as adding your program information into the Orenda Elementor Plugin admin interface.


Download, Activate and build your fintech!


Can I make payments without onboarding

No you can"t, but our plugin will present sandbox data to start building your Fintech without delay.

I have built my app, now what

Contact us at info@orenda.finance to get you connected.


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