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Novocall – Callback Widget


Novocall is a callback widget that allows you to easily communicate with your customers. It analyzes web behaviour, and once a visitor is interested, it offers a free callback within seconds, helping you increase your web conversions.

What can I do with Novocall?

Capture & convert leads: Detect interested website visitors & get them to call you through our Exit Intent Technology, along with other web behavioral triggers.

Engage web visitors instantly: Provide visitors with a free instant callback to a call rep, who can then close the sales easily.

Automate scheduling of calls: Capture after-hour leads by automatically scheduling calls during your working hours, or automate call scheduling on emails and through SMS.

See where your interested customers come from: Gain context before your calls by seeing the exact web page that your customers come from.


  • Provide visitors with free, instant, callback to your company
  • Automatically schedule calls after working hours
  • Send automated SMS
  • See caller information – gain context before your calls by seeing the exact web page that your customers come from
  • Integration with a multitude of third-party applications. From Webhooks to Slack, Google Analytics & more…
  • Customisable design



  1. Create your free account here.
  2. From the dashboard, navigate to Settings > Widget Settings > Installations & note down your Novocall widget’s javascript code
  3. Head to the WordPress admin dashboard & install the Novocall plugin via the WordPress plugin directory
  4. Navigate to Plugins > Installed Plugins & activate the Novocall plugin.
  5. Find the Novocall configuration page in Settings > Novocall
  6. Paste the previously copied code into the text field, ensure that the checkbox to enable the widget is checked, & click on Save Settings
  7. That’s it! The Novocall widget should greet you as soon as you visit your website.


Do I need a Novocall account to use this callback plugin?

Yes – you can create a free call back account right here.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, you can test all of the features of our call back software for 14 days. Sign up for free here.

Are there any limitations during the trial period?

Nope! During the 14 day free trial, you’ll be able to test out all of the features in the professional plan. The only limitation is that you won’t be able to make international calls.

Do I need to install any additional software?

All you need is this callback widget plugin; Novocall works as SaaS & doesn’t require any extra service in order to function.

Do you provide support?

Yes. You can chat with us- live!- anytime within our dashboard or through email.

Can I use this call back service in any type of website?

Yes — our callback widget can be added to any website with Javascript.

Is the widget customisable?

Yes, it’s customisable. As a Novocall user, you can add your own logo, colors, name, & pictures among others!

How does the call back app work after hours?

When it’s after working hours for your company, the callback widget will automatically switch to ask the web visitor to schedule a callback instead.

Does Novocall support multiple websites?

Yes it does. You can add different widgets to different websites, all within one account.

Is it possible to change the position of the callback widget?

Yes. There are 2 positions, left and right. If you already have an existing widget on the right, you can add the Novocall callback widget on the left.

What are the other integrations offered by Novocall?

Some of our integrations include Google Analytics, Slack, Webhooks, & WhatsApp. We are rolling out more integrations, such as integration with Zapier, along with Facebook Lead Ads.

I love Novocall. How can I promote it?

Feel free to leave us a review. Your feedback is really important to us, as it helps others discover our callback software.

Alternatively, you can join our partners program to promote our product and earn recurring income.


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