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Get 10 conversion rate optimization tools for the cost of one to help reduce cart abandonment and increase sales. Get started with a free plan and scale up as your business grows. Install with one click.


Want to see the parts of your website that are most popular? A heat map shows where the majority of people clicked, scrolled and moved. Scroll heatmaps show how far down the page people went before leaving and whether they got to your best products or CTAs. Unlike other heat map tools, Lucky Orange’s dynamic heatmaps allow you to study visual engagement patterns including dynamic elements like popups, dropdowns and forms. Lucky Orange heatmaps even work on single page apps (SPAs) and with AJAX.


Watch a replay of people navigating your website to see what’s preventing them from converting. Recordings show where people clicked, scrolled, moved and tapped. See how people interacted with products, what they added to cart and what kept them from buying.


Set up conversion funnels to quickly see how many people complete each step of your purchase journey. See which pages are converting and which are causing people to leave your site.


See everything a specific person does on your website organized in one simple view. Find visitors who meet criteria like traffic source or custom data like cart value to see replays of their visits to your site.


Deliver real-time customer support and use collaboration tools to provide the best response every time. Build lasting relationships by helping people exactly when they need it with event- and time-based triggers.


Live view allows you to see exactly what your customer is experiencing on your website — in real time. Watch live as customers navigate your site for better insight into what’s working and what’s not.


Ask key questions to the right people and use time-based triggers to engage visitors at the right time with surveys.


Provide a discount code or product update to all visitors or serve them up to specific visitors by using triggers for criteria like device type, source or visit number.


Find out why people are abandoning your forms and fix these issues to reduce abandonment and increase your sales. Monitor key form metrics like abandonment, field order and time to start to find areas for optimization.


  • Dynamic Heatmaps
  • Session Recordings
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Dashboards
  • Live Chat
  • Surveys


After Activating the plugin simply follow the on-screen instructions.


9. Oktober 2021
The idea was to this your service in conjunction with WordPress. But the experience from the letgo was so bad that I have decided to look for other options. What's wrong? well everything the plugin is outdated and can't even login, the most important part of the service does not work. to make it even worse all the URLs go to the classic version. This service should help your customers to grow their business but they are loosing all the wordpress users from the start. OK, lets try to "message support" from their own site but the button does absolute nothing. This does not look good and would not recommend this plugin and even discourage it. Save time and look further
26. August 2021
There was no ability to add a site pre-created within the Lucky Orange site. Also once i installed it it allowed users to see all of my sites. This made it completely useless as I can't allow clients to see other clients data. This plugin has not been thought out at all.
3. September 2016
I wanted to know how my clients were interacting with my site and had to rely on google analytics user flow. Lucky Orange shows you exactly what the user does on your site. Where they scroll to and what they pause on. The closest thing you'll get to a understanding what works and doesn't on your site. The chat function is invaluable too and has allowed me to connect with people who would have otherwise filled in a contact form. A bargain at $10 per month.
3. September 2016
The service is amazing and in my opinion better then Mouse flow. However, the plugin is super bare bones. It literally only pastes the code on the site. What would be even more useful is, if it gives the option to send Name and email of logged in users (Custom User Data). Now we're talking! Im uninstalling this and building a custom solution for the above with GTM.
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  • Supports loading the correct tracking code for classic customers.


  • Completely rewritten plugin to support the all new Lucky Orange.
  • Fixes all existing, long-standing issues with previous versions.