Battle Suit for Divi


The Battle Suit for Divi by Divi Sensei is a collection of useful Divi modules, extension and overall improvements for the Divi Builder and the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes.

Divi modules

This version contains the following modules:

  • Another Post: display the content of another post. The post can be any post type, even custom ones
  • Bucket: a blurb like module with hover effects, perfect for creating bucket lists or present products
  • Footer: display the Divi footer. Perfect if you want the default footer on a blank page template or in combination with layout injection plugins like Toolset
  • Library Layout: inject any layout from the Divi library
  • Masonry Gallery: a gallery alternative to the boring old Divi grid. Display images of various sizes in a nice, responsive masonry style
  • Post Button: a button to link to a post
  • Post Excerpt: a powerful module to display and customise the post excerpt
  • Post Featured Image: display your featured image with all the advantages and settings of the Image module
  • Post Meta: a highly customisable module to display post meta information the way you want it
  • Post Title: a simple post title module
  • Transformable Image: a 3D image with hover effects
  • Video Lightbox: a module to open videos in a lightbox, perfect to replicate the Elegant Themes Blog

Our Post related modules are fully compatible with „The Loop“ so you can use plugins like Toolset to completly customize your archive or search pages without coding, using shortcodes or customise your CSS.

Divi extensions

With our extensions, Divi becomes more accessible and easier to use:

  • „Edit in Visual Builder“ link: this extensions adds a „Edit in Visual Builder“ link in the post list page for every post, page and custom post type that uses the Visual Builder
  • Responsive Preview: this extension adds additional responsive breakpoints to the Visual Builder mobile preview. Now you can check out how your site would look on XS, S, M, L and XL phones as well as S, M and L tablets
  • Permanent Theme Options Help: many people don’t even know that Divis Theme Options settings have a help text. Now you can permanently display the help text in the Theme Options
  • Permanent VB Help: permanently display the help text for settings fields in the Visual Builder. This extension is perfect if you are a beginner
  • Permanent VB Icons: permanently display the icons like help and hover settings next to a settings field label in the Visual Builder

WordPress Widgets

This version contains the following widgets:

  • Blurb: A simple yet very useful sidebar and footer widget which allows you to combine an image with some text and make the whole thing a clickable link to any url you like


Upload through WordPress:

  1. Go to your WordPress Plugins section
  2. Click on the Add New button
  3. Click on the Upload Plugin button
  4. Click on the Choose File button
  5. Select the file
  6. Click on the Install Now button
  7. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress

Manual upload:

  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Unzip the zip file
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress


What are the Post modules for?

The Post related modules in Battle Suit for Divi have two purposes. The first one is to build custom post layouts and be completely free and not limited by Divis core modules, which have a similar functionality as ours but are often not so powerful.
The second purpose is that our modules can be used inside The Loop to build completely customized archives. A great plugin which works perfectly together with Battle Suit for Divi is Toolset. Together with our Toolset Add-On, your imagination becomes the only limit for building layouts and utilising custom post fields.

Is Battle Suit for Divi really free?

Yes, Battle Suit for Divi is completely free and there is no hidden fee or premium code inside. We will also continue to add more modules and functionality and never charge you a single cent for it.
There are paid add-ons though, which have a very specialised purpose. For example, we have a add-on which adds Toolset related modules and we are working on other add-ons as well.
Nevertheless, there is no need for those add-ons and you can absolutely use all the great features from the free base plugin without ever spending a dime. If you wish to support us, we would highly appreciate it if you could leave a positive review.

I have a problem, what shall I do?

Ideally you would not leave a negative review but contact us directly. currently can’t notify us and we could miss your issue. If you contact us directly, for example via the contact form on our homepage, we can help you faster.


20. April 2021
I've been seeing this plugin for a while but I was hesitate to install it. I just tried it today. It is super awesome! Very easy to use. Thank you for creating this plugin!!!
9. Juli 2020
I needed a better gallery module for my photography site. This masonry module work in the visual build and does a great job for mixed format galleries. I have rebuild all my galleries with it.
28. April 2020
I recently installed the Battle suit for DIVI particularly to use the material blurb module. Very nice toolbox and lots of options to change settings in the blurb module. Best thing: I had a special question and the support was right there with helpful suggestions and some css. Thanks! Great job!
11. November 2019
Nice concept but unfortunately the images in the gallery are not true thumbnails. They are the full sized images forcibly resized and this causes galleries to load much slower. Images "shift around" for quite a while while large images load and while the algorithm decides what goes where.
4. Dezember 2018
Great Plugin. A lot of usefull Tools. Thx for your work!!!
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  • Masonry Gallery compatibility fix for Divi dynamic module framework


  • Added option to Masonry Gallery to disable title attribute on images in the grid
  • Reorganized options in Masonry Gallery
  • Compiled the public JavaScript to a minified, Internet Explorer compatible file
  • Internal code improvements
  • Hid a unicorn. Whoever finds it will be rewarded with a rainbow full of chocolate


  • Fixed an issue where Event Espresso Events couldn’t be saved while Battle Suit for Divi was active
  • Internal code improvements


  • Updated Freemius SDK


  • New option in MasonryGallery to deal with lazy loading images plugins


  • Post Feature Image module now always uses full size image in the lightbox
  • Masonry Gallery module borders now work correctly again
  • Post Title module bottom margins now work correctly again
  • Fixed admin notice to stay dismissed forever once dismissed


  • Fixed double tap to open links on mobile in Bucket module


  • Compatibility update for latest Divi version


  • Improved Masonry Gallery. Now multiple galleries have separate lightbox galleries


  • Fixed Masonry Gallery issue with Divi 3.26 and upwards


  • Updates Freemius SDK due to a bug which can cause issues in WordPress 5.2.2


  • Removed debug text from Masonry Gallery module


  • Fixed issue with Masonry Gallery overlay icon in Visual Builder


  • Improved Masonry Gallery module to optionally display the image caption from the media library in the lightbox
  • Improved Masonry Gallery module to optionally display a hover overlay with overlay color and icon
  • Fixed issue with Masonry Gallery not working in Visual Builder in some browsers


  • Fixed issue with Footer module


  • Improved Masonry Gallery module to work with old Backend Builder
  • Improved Post Title module by placing featured image background on the module instead of the heading element


  • New extension: lightbox option for Divi Blurb module image
  • New filter options for Bucket module image


  • Fixed a bug where the site would crash if activating Battle Suit for Divi when Divi/Extra/Divi Builder plugin is not enabled


  • Fixed issue with Masonry Gallery module layout after switching preview mode in Visual Builder
  • Fixed PHP warning in Masonry Gallery layout


  • Improved Video Lightbox module to accept URLs
  • Improved Masonry Gallery module to optionally show the title from the media library in the lightbox
  • Fixed issue with Transformable Image module on iOS Safari
  • Fixed issue that bottom margin was not working anymore due to a recent Divi update


  • Fix for Third Party Module Styles on Custom Post Types


  • Fixed an issue where the old Backend Builder had long loading times untill module editing was possible
  • Security update to Freemius SDK


  • Fixed missing icon and background color for Transformable Image module
  • Improved readability of module names in modules list


  • New „Transformable Image“ module
  • Improved welcome flow for new users
  • New settings menu with direct link to Divi Theme Options tab


  • New „Another Post“ module to display content from other posts
  • Bugfix in Masonry Gallery module


  • New Extension: „Edit in Visual Builder“ link for quicker accessing the Visual Builder from the overview list
  • New Module: „Another Post“ which lets you display another posts content
  • Fixed a CSS issue when generating borders for various modules


  • Fixed a conflict with script names, which cause internal scripts not to load in certain conditions


  • Fixed a typo which cause the Zoom Out animation to not work in the Visual Builder (Bucket module)
  • Improved the CSS of the Video Lightbox moduel


  • Added new Permanent VB Icons extension
  • Added new Permanent VB Help extension
  • Added new Permanent Theme Options Help extension


  • Added new Masonry Gallery module


  • Fixed bug where Video Lightbox was not opened on mobile devices
  • Added setting to choose whether to open lightbox or link to the video in Video Lightbox
  • Moved settings to Divis ePanel


  • Added „last edited date“ type to Post Meta module
  • Added „post meta field“ type to Post Meta module
  • Added option to show image in Video Lightbox module as html element or background


  • Integrated Multi-Site support (Beta) – Please backup your site before updating
  • Updated Freemius SDK
  • Fixed bug in Video Lightbox module


  • Added missinc semicolon in JavaScript file which caused issues with some minification plugins


  • Stability improvements
  • Multiple bugfixes
  • New settings on various modules


  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Improved overall codebase
  • Improved Post Meta Module
  • Improved Post Title Module


  • Fixed some minor issues
  • Improved CSS


  • Improved codebase for Material Design add-on


  • Added XS and XL settings to Responsive Preview extension on Phone mode


  • Improved codebase
  • Added new extension which adds S, M and L buttons to Visual Builder mobile preview to check mobile layout on different sizes


  • Prepared admin panel for Material Design Add-On
  • Changed textdomain from dss-ds-suit to ds-suit in various places
  • Fixed a bug in the Bucket module which caused the url to not be added
  • Added a Blurb widget to be used in sidebars and other widget areas


  • Fixed bug where lightbox in Video Lightbox module won’t open on frontend
  • Fixed bug where Post Meta module would not show taxonomy terms in the Visual Builder


  • Added new VideoLightbox module
  • Minor code improvements


  • Migrated Post Excerpt, Post Featured Image and Post Meta modules to Ajax based component


  • Migrated Post Title and Post Meta module to new Ajax base component


  • Fixed various minor bugs due to recent changes in Divi


  • Fixed a typo which causes the Footer module to not show up in the Visual Builder


  • Fixed problem with zoom animation in Bucket module


  • Fixed CSS problem with Bucket module


  • Added new Bucket module
  • Updated Freemius SDK


  • Various bug fixes and improved settings page


  • Improved Post Button module
  • Fixed issue with settings pannel
  • Added missing images


  • New menu icon
  • New settings pannel
  • Internal code improvements


  • Initial release