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Depicter is a free SEO friendly, responsive image and video slider that truly works on all major devices with super smooth hardware accelerated transitions. It supports touch navigation with pure swipe gesture that you have never experienced before.


  • Visual Builder – Professional, yet simple and intuitive visual slider builder
  • Comprehensive Asset Library – A huge and free library of 3.2M images, 30K videos, vectors, mockups, pre-built templates and elements at your service.
  • Flexible Layouts & Responsiveness – Make a truly responsive and mobile-friendly slider that looks perfect across all devices.
  • Animations & Interactivity – Capture your users‘ attention by adding interaction with super smooth animations and interactive actions to sliders.
  • Versatile Video Player – Play any type of video including self-hosted, YouTube and Vimeo videos in your slider responsively.
  • Truly Customizable – Customize video controls, mute, loop, autoPlay and toggle fullscreen; all with few simple clicks!
  • Modern Image Editing Tools – Crop images responsively and apply image filters within few clicks!
  • Lightweight & SEO-Friendly – Super lightweight and dependency-free slider which delivers your content optimized for search engines.
  • Comprehensive Navigation Controls – Add arrows, bullets, line timer, slideshow controls, and scroll indicators to your slider by drag and drop.
  • Touch Swipe & Mouse Navigation – Mouse and keyboard navigation, super natural touch swipe and mouse swipe gestures are right at your service too.
  • Fully Responsive – Adjust the content and presentation of your slider to every device. You can deliver the most optimized experience for each visitor, no matter they’re viewing your website on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile.
  • Template Sliders40+ high quality to import and start with, within one simple click!
  • Expert Support– Our expert support team ready to help you. Ask your questions in the support forum, or contact us directly through live chat and our exclusive help desk.


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  • Depicter Add depicter sliders to the contents.


Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.9 or greater
  • PHP version 7.2.5 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

We recommend your host supports:

  • PHP version 7.4 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater
  • WordPress Memory limit of 64 MB or greater

This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working

Automatic installation (easiest way)

To do an automatic installation of Depicter, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

In the search field type „Depicter“ and click Search Plugins. Once you have found it you can install it by simply clicking „Install Now“.

Manual installation

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  1. Download
  2. Navigate to the ‚Add New‘ in the plugins page
  3. Navigate to the ‚Upload‘ area
  4. Select from your computer
  5. Click ‚Install Now‘
  6. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Using FTP

  1. Download
  2. Extract the depicter directory to your computer
  3. Upload the depicter directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to install a WordPress plugin.


You can use automatic update to update the plugin safely.


How do I install Depicter?

From your WordPress dashboard -> Go to Plugins -> Click on ‚Add new‘-> In the Search field, enter Depicter and press install. After installation, click Activate.

Will Depicter work with my theme?

Depicter works with any theme, including default WordPress themes.

Does it work with other WordPress plugins?

It works with almost all the plugins. If you experience an incompatibility issue, please report it to us and to the plugin that conflicts with Depicter.

Where can I report bugs?

Bugs can be reported in our support forums


14. August 2022
Depicter is definitely revolutionary and a game changer. How can a free plugin be packed with amazing features like this? I am so shocked. Well done guys. I can't wait for the pro version to come out so we can have access to even more amazing functionalities. Thanks for the awesome plugin
10. August 2022
I spent DAYS looking for a slider which was simple but powerful, but after testing the "top 11" (as many online articles suggested) I was desperate. None of them matched my needs and they were definitely not easy to use. Then, I came across Depicter and...damn, that was exactly what I needed. And it's free! I also had an issue integrating it with WPBakery so I contacted the support, and to my surprise they helped me right away and within half an hour my issue was solved. What can I say? I have been online for over 20 years and this kind of customer support is more than rare. Please stop researching for sliders and stick with Depicter, trust me.
2. August 2022
Seriously the best slider plug-in I saw on any CMS tbh. Not only is the UI super intuitive and easy to use, you can also use depicter for virtually anything. I had a problem and support team handled it in mere 4hrs with great precision. I can only recommend!
26. Juli 2022
Not that I want to encourage you to making this paid premium project, but I find it hard to believe that it's FREE! It's in the same league as Rev Slider! Keep up the good work guys
15. Juli 2022
I'm still surprised by the quality and performance this plugin gives me. I will re-build all the items using it and will make sure to follow any updates and developments... AMAZING!!!!
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Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„Depicter Slider – Responsive Image Slider, Video Slider & Post Slider“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:




  • Released: 2022-07-24
  • Added
  • Depicter is now faster than ever with new performance enhancements.
  • Improved
  • Overall performance of updating options in editor improved.
  • Background videos start playing after the slide get fully loaded.
  • Fixed
  • An issue with „Go to next slide“ option of looped video backgrounds fixed.
  • An issue with slider built-in cache fixed.
  • An issue with displaying loading animation fixed.
  • An issue with setting controls position with the positioning presets fixed.
  • An issue with slider custom styles fixed.
  • An issue with importing and exporting slider containing SVG files fixed.


  • Released: 2022-07-13
  • Added
  • Now you can set self-hosted video element as a slide background via the right-click context menu.
  • Built-in cache added for published sliders.
  • Improved
  • Reduced conflicting issues with third-party lazy loading plugins.
  • Importing templates and sliders procedure improved.
  • Improved image-loading inside the editor.
  • Improved overall performance of editing content in the editor.
  • Fixed
  • An issue with hiding slider responsively fixed.
  • An issue with pointer cursor on elements with action fixed.
  • An issue with hiding children elements of a group element.
  • An issue with importing SVG files while importing a slider fixed.
  • An issue with „inherit“ option of font family for text element fixed.
  • An issue with text letter-spacing with value of 0 fixed.


  • Released: 2022-06-26
  • Added
  • Now you can set the font family as inherit from the theme in the cases that you want texts to get fonts from the theme.
  • Improved
  • The appearance of „content area“ in the editor improved.
  • The quality of post slider backgrounds improved.
  • Fixed
  • Unwanted playing element animation upon element selection changes fixed.
  • Removed unexpected white borders at sides of scrollbars in the editor.
  • Unwanted visibility of group elements children fixed.
  • An issue with loop navigation while keyboard is enabled fixed.
  • An issue with loading and applying Google Font variations fixed.
  • An issue with linking image element to a URL fixed.
  • An issue with „Open in New Tab“ option of elements fixed.
  • An issue with not loading an asset file fixed.
  • An issue with hover animation of controls fixed.


  • Released: 2022-06-14
  • Added
  • Now you can create dynamic sliders from WordPress posts
  • Now you can import and export your sliders
  • After each update, you can see changes right in your panel.
  • Improved
  • Slide design area does not upscale when zoom value is set as „fit“.
  • Editor shows notice when it does not have access to the Depicter servers
  • Improved transform tool hints
  • Fixed
  • Now elements with „wait for action“ enabled option don’t appear at the start.


  • Released: 2022-06-01
  • Improved
  • Now slide area locates in the center of the workspace area.
  • Better support for 3D rotation animations applied.
  • Fixed
  • A random issue with dropping assets and replacing photos from the assets panel fixed.
  • Miscalculation of scrollbars on right side of assets panel fixed.
  • An issue with applying default font weights to text elements fixed.
  • An issue with playing move animations after changing the movement value fixed.


  • Released: 2022-05-12
  • Added
  • Now you can drop photos and videos from your hard drive to the Depicter editor.
  • Pasting RGBA colors to the color picker added.
  • Now you can set the zoom to fit by Ctrl+Shift+0
  • Improved
  • The size of arrow controls improved.
  • Appearance of „Slides“ and „Options“ tab improved.
  • Overall performance of editing features improved.
  • Resizing photos and SVG elements in the editor improved.
  • Reset crop functionality improved.
  • Mask animation performance improved.
  • Fixed
  • Unwanted movements of elements upon switching between slides and options tabs fixed.
  • An issue with typing space character when the text or button element is selected.
  • Extra white space on the right side of scrollbars in Windows removed.
  • An issue with previewing SVG images in slider is fixed.


  • Released: 2022-04-28
  • Improved
  • Improved workspace scrollbars
  • Improved searching behavior through assets
  • Fixed
  • An issue with typing space character when the text or button element is selected.
  • An issue with loading google fonts on Blank or Canvas page template of default WordPress themes fixed.
  • An issue with fullscreen or fullwidth layout appearance on default WordPress themes fixed.
  • An issue with showing embed videos in their actual size fixed.


  • Released: 2022-04-18
  • Added
  • Now you can pan through your design by mouse wheel too.
  • Improved
  • Improved editor layout appearance on 1366px screen sizes.
  • Now the preview shows the current breakpoint
  • Major improvement in panning and zoom functionality applied.
  • Changed font weights to human-readable labels.
  • Improved slide sizing options and appearance inside the editor
  • Fixed
  • Unwanted movement of elements between breakpoints fixed.


  • Released: 2022-04-10
  • Fixed
  • Unwanted movement of elements right after creating a new slide.


  • Released: 2022-04-06
  • Added
  • Introducing auto-positioning for elements – It helps you to locate elements responsively more easily
  • Responsive scale feature added to all elements.
  • Keyboard shortcut for changing elements depth added.
  • Preview animation upon changing the animation parameters added.
  • Improved
  • Improvements in naming elements and new slides applied.
  • Improvements in text element default styles applied.
  • Improvements in text element options applied.
  • Improvements in button element default styles applied.
  • Improvements in updating values of input option values applied.
  • Fixed
  • Applying 3D rotation animations.
  • Responsive hide options didn’t work on image elements.
  • Out wrapper control elements were not clickable.
  • Foreground elements animation-in didn’t play at initialization.
  • An issue with installations having old version of MySQL fixed.
  • An issue with wrong aspect ratio of uploaded images was fixed.
  • An issue with using <?php depicter(); ?> function fixed.


  • Released: 2022-03-05
  • Added
  • Now you can select elements by right-click menu too.
  • Shortcuts preview is added to right-click menu.
  • Recent colors added to the color picker.
  • Recent fonts to the fonts list.
  • Now you can paste YouTube and Vimeo URLs to the editor to create an embed video element.
  • Now you can create text elements by pasting your copied text.
  • Now you can open slider editor right from Elementor depicter element.
  • Improved
  • Improved dashboard styles.
  • Improved zooming functionality in the workspace.
  • Selecting multiple elements by holding the shift key.
  • Improved document rendering in mobile fullscreen layout.
  • Improved element animation in starting time upon starting sliding.
  • Improvement applied to cache module.
  • Fixed
  • An issue that caused editor crash when an image element was removed while cropping.
  • An issue with ordering elements after grouping them.
  • An issue that caused editor crash when a shortcut was used right after opening right-click menu.
  • An issue with generating styles for text shadow and box shadow with zero values fixed.
  • A console error that appeared in admin pages was fixed.


  • Released: 2022-02-20
  • Minor bug while fetching image from image library fixed.


  • Released: 2022-02-16
  • A fatal error with PHP 8.0 fixed.


  • Released: 2022-02-14
  • Minor bugs fixed.


  • Released: 2022-02-03
  • Initial release