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DeMomentSomTres Visual Composer Addon


Visual Composer gadgets to make content creation easier.


  • link to a visual composer grid and select one of its filters different than All.

History & Raison d’être

My team at DeMomentSomTres is using Visual Composer since 2014. Many times, our customers have asked us to be able to link to a grid with certain filter. Today we have decided to implement it.

And we will integrate into this plugin all the gadgets and small improvements we will develop.

We are considering to implement som more in a few days.

Link to a Filter

To link to a grid and select a filter you have to uses the following parameters in the url:
* dms3vcfilter: (required) slug of the term whose filter you want to force.
* dms3vctaxonomy: (optional) taxonomy of the term specified by dms3vcfilter. Defaults to category.
* dms3vcfilterwait: (optional) time in seconds before filter is applied. Defaults to 5.


  1. Use plugin usual installation process.


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