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Enhance the user experience of your WordPress site by incorporating user-friendly responsive popup banner campaigns. Integrate responsive popup alerts to promote your products or services effectively. Updated and tested 2023 Version

The plugin supports various types of banners, including HTML banners, image banners, and video banners. Equipped with an ad designer, users can easily generate popup content tailored to their needs. Additionally, users can choose the post type on which the popup appears, and with the pro version, they can even select a specific post or page for their popup banner to appear on.

Basic Features

  • Create Pop-Up Banner Campaigns
  • Customize popups with HTML, images and videos
  • AdDesigner: Create a custom banner look to match your site’s branding
  • Restrict by Page/Post/Custom Post Types: Choose which pages or posts your popup banner will appear on

Plugin usage instructions

  • 1) Go to „Add New Campaign“
  • 2) Fill the „Title“ of the campaign and „content“ of one or many Advertisement Items
  • 3) Click „Add Advertisement Item“ to dynamically add more items
  • 4) Check „Show on every page“
  • 5) Click „Save Changes“
  • 6) Go to any page of your website
  • 7) Watch the banner with Advertisement Item
  • 8) Close the banner clicking „X“ icon

Pro Version Features

Pro Version Detailed Features List

  • Extended Set of PopUp Types: Choose between pop-up, fly-in and full-screen banner options
  • Campaign Statistics: Track banner clicks and impressions in an easy-to-use report
  • Restrict by URL: Choose specific URL your campaign will appear on
  • Responsive: Fully responsive with the option to turn mobile display off
  • Restrict by Period: Choose the start and end times for your popup ad campaign to run
  • Restrict by days of the week: Define specific days of the week that the campaign will run on
  • Random banners Campaigns
  • Custom Effects: Define PopUp banner visual and audio effects
  • Add Delay: Add a delay between the time that the page loads and the popup appear
  • Option to setup display interval: On every page load, one per each page, and more
  • Trigger popup or fly-in on JS hover or click events
  • Page leave intent detection PopUp: Detect when user moves cursor to close the tab and in such event show the popup
  • Inactivity detection: You can show the popup when user is inactive for X seconds (not moving the mouse and not typing)
  • Show X amount of times per customer: You can define that the campaign will show X amount of time per a specific customer until it stops
  • Target Specific Users: Set campaign to target logged-in or non-logged-in users

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  • Example of PopUp banner.
  • Graph showing campaign activity (pro only).
  • Statistics of campaing and banners activity (pro only).
  • Campaign editing screen.
  • List of all campaings in admin dashboard.


  1. Upload cm-pop-up-banners-for-wordpress folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress.



23. Feber 2021
the best plugin for popup !
5. Jänner 2021
Do not buy this plugin. The functionality is extremely basic, and their customer support is terrible. It was lacking in such basic functionality that I had to delete it. FYI their "100% guarantee" that they "stand behind their products" is meaningless. I asked for a refund because of the lack of basic functionality and they flat out refused me. This plugin is absolutely not worth buying.
10. April 2020 2 replies
There is a reason why all of their plugins are showing "untested" with the current WordPress release. They don't update any of their plugins after you buy them. DO NOT BUY ANY ADD-ONS from this company. It doesn't matter if the plugin has a security issue, they will find a reason why they shouldn't give your money back - even if you asked 1 day later.
24. Jänner 2019
I searched high and low for a pop-up plugin that didn't force me to use a template. When I came across this one, it seemed like a good fit. Unfortunately, the pop-up doesn't display the background overlay and hovers half off the top of the screen. Completely unusable. Just to make it better, it offers no settings options for frequency of appearance, how long to delay, or any other standard settings like these. Disappointed.
19. Juli 2017
It is what I want... Work fine, no errors... Thanks
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