Burst Statistics – Privacy-Friendly Analytics for WordPress


Erhalte detaillierte Einblicke in das Besucherverhalten mit Burst-Statistik, dem datenschutzfreundlichen Analyse-Dashboard von Really Simple Plugins.


  • Essential Metrics: Pageviews, Visitors, Sessions, Time on Page and Referrers.
  • Privacy-friendly: Locally hosted, and anonymized data in collaboration with Complianz.
  • Cookieless Tracking: Get data based on anonymous parameters without storing data in browsers.
  • Optimiert: Auf Leistung und Datenminimierung ausgelegt.
  • Flexibilität: Du hast eine eigene Vorstellung davon, wie die Absprungrate gemessen werden soll? Konfiguriere deine eigenen Metriken.
  • Open-Source: We see our users as collaborators, so please feel free to use the below links to help us out building the best analytics tool for WordPress.

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Benötige Hilfe

Burst-Statistik bietet volle Unterstützung für das WordPress.org-Forum. Bevor du ein neues Thema eröffnest, prüfe bitte die verfügbare Dokumentation und andere Support-Themen. Hinterlasse eine klare und prägnante Beschreibung deines Problems, und wir werden so schnell wie möglich antworten.

Über Really Simple Plugins

Check out other plugins developed by Really Simple Plugins as well: Really Simple SSL and Complianz.

We’re on GitHub as well!

Contact us if you have any questions, issues, or suggestions. Burst Statistics is developed by Burst Statistics B.V.. Leave your feature requests here.


  • Burst-Statistik: Analyse-Dashboard


  • Gehe zu „Plugins“ in deinem WordPress-Dashboard und klicke auf „Neue hinzufügen“.
  • Klicke auf „Hochladen“ und wähle die heruntergeladene .zip-Datei aus.
  • Aktiviere dein neues Plugin.
  • Nutze unsere Einleitung, um sich mit der Burst-Statistik vertraut zu machen.



Burst will maintain and grow a knowledgebase about Burst Statistics and other products to assist, while using Burst Statistics burst-statistics.com

Can I block IP Addresses?

Yes, you can block IP addresses in the Burst Statistics settings. You can also exclude User Roles from being tracked.

Warum ist Burst-Statistik datenschutzfreundlich?

Burst-Statistik bietet ein Analytics Dashboard mit anonymisierten Daten, die ausschließlich dir gehören.

What is Cookieless tracking?

Burst Statistics can be used without setting cookies or storing data in browsers. However, this can affect accuracy; that’s why a hybrid option is possible with cookies after consent. Read more about Cookieless tracking.

Does it affect performance?

Burst Statistics uses an endpoint to minimize requests during sessions. For best performance you can always use our ‚Turbo Mode‘ which loads Burst in the footer, using the defer attribute.

Habt ihr etwas dagegen, wenn ich Euch Feedback zum Produkt gebe?

We really want your feedback, please use the „Useful Links“ section to get in contact. We’d like to develop this together.

Gibt es eine Pro-Version?

Nein… noch nicht.


21. März 2023 1 reply
A new alternative to KOKO Analytics...works perfectly and has some more functions. Thank you for this great plugin look forward to the goal setting feature.
19. März 2023 1 reply
Clean and stable plugin (light for speed) (like other ssl plugin from really simple)). Cheer A pro version is announced. However, the free version is a bit "fair" (Basic statistics plugin). In terms of the statistics provided, it would have been perfect if additional data were provided: data per hour, searched keywords, country, navigation and events, Ad blocker, traffic acquisition etc...
17. März 2023 1 reply
Clear and a good alternative to other tools.
15. März 2023 1 reply
Works as advertised. Simple to set up.
11. März 2023 1 reply
An excellent way to collect and manage site statistics and tracking.
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  • Fix: Fixed timezone issue where there would be a mismatch between the selected date in the datepicker and the date shown up top.
  • Fix: Fixed issue where referreres would not show up when Czech language was selected.
  • Fix: RTL issue in some languages
  • Improvement: Tested up to WordPress 6.2


  • Fix: Removed caching of statistics due to causing multiple issues and not providing performance benefits.
  • Fix: Timestamp bug where the time for today would be off by the client timezone offset has been resolved.
  • Improvement: Obsolete output buffering has been removed.
  • Fix: JS translations have been corrected.
  • Fix: Unnecessary error logs have been removed.


  • Fix: Timezones were not functioning correctly. Burst now utilizes the WordPress timezone setting to ensure the correct timezone is used for all dates.
  • Fix: Translation plugins would occasionally alter the REST API URL, resulting in tracking with the REST API not working. This issue has been resolved by utilizing wp.apiFetch instead of fetch.
  • Improvement: Previously, when an IP was blocked in the settings, a 403 error would be displayed. Now, a 202 response with a message indicating that the IP has been blocked is returned.
  • Fix: Typos in the code have been corrected.
  • Fix: PHP warnings that would appear upon dismissing the tour have been resolved.


  • Fix: Cookieless tracking was not working properly. Issue where some users were not tracked.
  • Fix: Qtranslate caused an error where the dashboard could not load.
  • Fix: DateTime object was not properly formatted in the dashboard.
  • Fix: Issue where the tracking tests would crash and display the wrong information.
  • Feature: DoNotTrack & Global Privacy Control support. Added setting to honor DoNotTrack & Global Privacy Control headers.


  • Fix: auto updates causing critical error because a required function is only loaded for logged in users


  • Improvement: React dashboard & settings page. This helps us speed up development and improve the user experience.
  • Improvement: Settings for blocking IP addresses & user roles from tracking. Props @lowym
  • Improvement: Improved endpoint path. Path is now dynamic with WP_CONTENT_DIR. Props @HubertGL
  • Improvement: Improved performance because of REST API optimizer for the dashboard.
  • Improvement: Show all results in the datatables. Props @alfanova
  • Improvement: Added RTL support.
  • Improvement: Added ‚plain‘ permalinks support.
  • Feature: Change metrics for insights chart.
  • Feature: Show hourly stats in the insights chart. Props @perties
  • Feature: Show data for today in the ‚Statistics‘ tab. Props @perties


  • Fix: Fixed an issue with a translatable string
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.1


  • Fix: Fixed an issue where duplicating a WooCommerce product would copy the total pageviews from the original product.


  • Fix: Fixed an issue where adding role capabilities would result in a fatal error.
  • Fix: Post and page counts did not update, this is fixed now.
  • Fix: Changed endpoint DIR to URL to prevent 404 errors on subfolder installs.
  • Improvement: Delete endpoint on uninstallation.


  • Feature: Introducing defer/footer as option
  • Feature: Introducing new improved tracking method
  • Improvement: Feedback notices


  • Improvement: Changed from .less to .scss because WordPress also uses .scss
  • Improvement: Update option autoload turned off on front end for better performance
  • Fix: Fixed bug where UID could be empty resulting in an SQL error
  • Fix: Fixed last step of shepherd tour to be inside the viewport
  • Improvement: Integration with Complianz that adds burst_uid to the cookie-scanner


  • Fix: Bounce rate calculation
  • Feature: Cookieless tracking


  • Fix: Fatal error on PHP 7.2
  • Improvement: Block IP address with MU Plugin
  • Improvement: Notice for REST API failure


  • Improvement: Added drop down to datatables, props @topfgartenwelt


  • Improvement: Added capabilities to view and/or edit burst
  • Improvement: Added new devices to recognized devices
  • Improvement: Added filters so that you can change the decimal and thousand separator


  • Fix: better tracking script. Hits from one pageview can not be registered multiple times now
  • Improvement: visits in pages and posts overview. As these hits are stored differently,
    they will start at 0 for existing setups as well. Props: Shayne
  • Improvement: added parameter to clear the dashboard cache
  • Improvement: added JS event to so other plugins can integrate with Burst
  • Improvement: added privacy annex
  • Improvement: added widget to the WordPress Dashboard Props: Shayne


  • Fix: typo fix in generate_cached_data, props @seath
  • Fix: some strings with wrong text domain
  • Improvement: link in readme, props @8725z4twhugias


  • Behoben: Textbereich, Requisiten @bonaldi
  • Behoben: parse_user_agent Bibliotheks-Präfix, um die Kompatibilität mit Rank Math zu verbessern


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