Element Pack Lite – Addons for Elementor


Ultimate essential addon for Elementor Page Builder with 40+ of the most popular and essential elements that you need for everyday use in the website page building.

Development of the Element Pack addon for Elementor has the world’s best practices in code standard and meets proper validation using the latest CSS, HTML5 and PHP 8.x technology to bring you a professional addon for the Elementor Page Builder Plugin that is WordPress 5.8.x ready and compliant.

Element Pack for Elementor includes the most commonly used elements (called widgets) that help you easily manage your website content by simply using the drag and drop ability. There is absolutely no programming knowledge required, seriously!

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Free Widgets for Lifetime

  1. Accordion – Element Pack Lite plugin provides advanced accordion design for the elementor page builder. This page demonstrates the accordion addon from element pack Lite.
  2. Business Hours – Business hours show your company or business hours as a beautiful list of working hours.
  3. Call Out – Call out addon is the ultimate call out design for elementor from element pack. You can highlight your content using this element. Check the demo now.
  4. Contact Form 7 – You can easily integrate contact form 7 plugin using Element Pack Plugin for Elementor. There are dozens of different design to choose from to design a form
  5. Caldera Form – Element Pack Lite essential addon provides Caldera form integration support for elementor page builder. Please watch the demo on the design and integration.
  6. Countdown – Element Pack plugin for Elementor provides an easy solution to add a countdown timer to your elementor website. Watch the demo to know how to add countdown.
  7. Cookie Consent – If you are looking for the ultimate cookie consent addon for elementor page builder, this addon of element pack is the solution. It complies site with GDPR
  8. Custom Gallery – Custom gallery with modern design and customization options with lightbox support for your website project. You can use it with any theme or project.
  9. Calendly – Element Pack has integrated Calendly into a new widget for the sole purpose of providing a better user experience and ease-of-access for users across the globe.
  10. Dual Button – Fancy modern premade dual button for your sites more engagement. its group button and you can modify the buttons every element.
  11. Everest Forms – Element pack has integrated the Everest Form widget as one of the most popular form making tool over the internet.
  12. Fancy list – This widget can make your site looks more modern and fancy looks. You can show your content list more dynamically with this widget.
  13. Featured Box – Element pack brings the Featured Box widget for creating events using a large image as canvas and info box on top following by a CTA button.
  14. Flip Box – To show your content more dynamically and interactively – the flip box is a widget you should use with your content. Enjoy our live demos.
  15. Fluent Forms – You can easily integrate Fluent Forms plugin using Element Pack Plugin for Elementor. There are dozens of different designs to choose from to design a form.
  16. Formidable Forms – Element pack has integrated with the Formidable Forms widget which is one of the most popular form making tool over the internet.
  17. Image Accordion – Image Accordion widget is a widget. The widget works to make images collapsible and simultaneously extandable. The most important thing is it is perfect for showcasing images on site with super layout and style.
  18. Image Compare – Helps to compare two images with Horizontal Example, Vertical Example, After, and Before Background and Color Example, Bar Color Example.
  19. Image Magnifier – Image Magnifier converts your website more interesting and more interactive. You can see every part of the photos and zoom it.
  20. Image Stack – Image stack is a dynamic image gallery type plugin that creates an animated stacking effect with images. The widget can be loaded with a ton of images stacked one after another and unfolds upon hover. See the demo
  21. Lightbox – Lightbox examples with Image Example,Video Example,Google Map Example,Icon Example,Button Example
  22. Logo Grid – Logo grid gives you easily manage your client or partner’s business logo show beautifully.
  23. Member – To show member profile – default, Alternative Photo Example, Phaedra skin Example, Calm skin Example, Parfait skin Example, Text Alignment Example and other
  24. Ninja Forms – To collect more subscribers & to make sure your visitors more return on your site-Ninja Forms is a must-have plugin. Modify its looks and feel.
  25. Open Street Map – Open Street Map with Default Example, Map Height Example​, Tooltip Background Color Example, Tooltip Radius Example, Tooltip Box Shadow Example
  26. Panel Slider – Panel Slider examples with Infinite No Example, Button Background Example, Title, Text, And Button Color Example Shadow Mode Example & other options
  27. Progress Pie – After Before Middle Text Example, Line Width Example, Delay Example, Duration Example, Background Example with element pack pro plugin.
  28. Pricing List – Pricing list with some different examples like Item With Image Example, Pricing Background Color Example, Border Radius Example, List Style Different Color
  29. Reading Progress – Attract your visitors to read your content with more consciously, that can help you your bounce rate to decrease. And your readers feel more comfortable.
  30. Review Card – Review Card is a static customer review box that helps you create stunning user reviews manually. It’s fully customizable, flexible, and responsive. You can add any amount of info as per your need. See the demo
  31. Simple Contact Form – Simple Contact Form widget with element pack pro can give your website a much more dynamic way and interactive way to contact
  32. Slider – Slider to make your website more versatile, sometimes you need a slider, with basic functions, modification, and customization
  33. Scroll Button – With examples like -Scroll Down Example,Scroll Up Example,Duration Example,Offset Example (50px),Before Icon Position Example and others
  34. Step Flow – Element pack brings the Step Flow widget for designing flow charts with a new style and interface. Now, re-build your instruction manual with bright colors.
  35. Static Carousel – Static carousel makes it possible to craft your own carousel slider using a fully manual dashboard where you have to put the content separately for the carousel. It’s a highly demanded feature and we are glad to introduce it. See the demo.
  36. Search – Search is a simple search widget for for elementor widget. You can get a simple search, modal options also.
  37. SVG Image – a new way to match your designs. Now you can show Widget Equal Height on elementor page builder, helps you to match the design.
  38. Toggle – Toggle Default Example, Icon Change Example, Toggle With Icon List Example, Toggle With Image Gallery Example with element pack pro plugin
  39. Trailer Box – Product With Trailer Box, Salon Product With Trailer Box, Fashion With Trailer Box Element pack pro widget WordPress plugin
  40. Total Count – Display page stat with post counts, user counts, or comment counts using the Total Count widget. Show any icon or image along with an initial count number & display the stat brilliantly anywhere on your page.
  41. Tutor LMS Course Grid – a new way to match your designs. Now you can show Widget Equal Height on elementor page builder, helps you to match the design.
  42. Tutor LMS Course Carousel – a new way to match your designs. Now you can show Widget Equal Height on elementor page builder, helps you to match the design.
  43. Twitter Grid – Twitter Grid examples page Default Twitter grid, row, Columns, and other examples.
  44. User Register – WordPress default User register system brings in frontend and you can modify the design and give a fine touch to match your design.
  45. WeForms – weForm an amazing 3rd party tool that now supports the element pack. you can change the style and customize its design.

Free Extensions for Lifetime

  1. Backdrop Filter (GlassMorphism) – Glassmorphism is a new trend which is getting more popular on website design service. Now you can easily design glassmorphism effect for any widgets and column.
  2. Background Overlay – Background overlay can produce gradient border which is normally impossible in WordPress. Just design you section with a widget, go to the ADVANCED tab, then BACKGROUND. Pick a color and choose gradient below the BACKGROUND OVERLAY/UNDERLAY section. Got it? Now place a margin and see the magic.
  3. Equal Height – a new way to match your designs. Now you can show Widget Equal Height on elementor page builder, helps you to match the design.
  4. Wrapper Link – Wrapper link is a new feature added to Elementor widgets by Bdthemes. This feature lets you attach a link to the widget you are displaying, sections, or columns. Clicking anywhere on the widget/section/column will redirect to the given link instantly. See the demo

More widgets & extensions are coming soon…

Pro Version Widgets

  1. Advanced Button – Element Pack Plugin provides addon for with advanced features for the button in the elementor page builder. Watch the Advanced Button Demo now.
  2. Advanced Calculator – Looking for a on-site calculator feature in Elementor? This is the perfect widget that allows you do place user interactive calculators easily on your website. See the demo
  3. Advanced Counter – Element pack brings the Advanced Counter widget that allows you to create fully customizable counters, displaying tones of stat and numbers with both static and dynamic configuration.
  4. Advanced Divider – Element pack brings the Advanced Divider widget that lets you place colorful as well as unique dividers in your webpages.
  5. Advanced Heading – You can easily add the advanced feature in the heading of your content using Element Pack Plugin for elementor page builder. Watch the demo now.
  6. Advanced Google Map – If you want to make some advanced map with a customized feature, this advanced google map addon from Element Pack for Elementor Page builder is your solution.
  7. Animated Heading – You can easily add animation in the heading of your content using Element Pack Plugin for elementor page builder. Animated Heading is a cool feature to have.
  8. Advanced Icon Box – Make your content more organized and eye-catching with element Pack Advanced Icon Box. Great tools for your website to present your content.
  9. Advanced Image Gallery – If you want to add some advanced feature to your element page builder based site, you can consider looking at element pack advanced image gallery widget.
  10. Advanced Progress Bar – Amazing way to show your progress bar with a fancy way of your progress bar. That has a clear view of your site and content progress bar.
  11. Audio Player – Element Pack provides you the authority to embed or upload any audio file and stream it with Audio Player in your website. Watch the demo now.
  12. Air Pollution – The air pollution widget lets you place a detailed inspection chart of the air condition on your surrounding. It directly links with Google map and uses latitude & longitude to determine your position and show forecast & condition of the air in that area. See the demo
  13. Booked Calendar – Element Pack pro provides integration support for the third-party plugin named Booked Calendar for the elementor page builder for WordPress. Watch demo the now.
  14. Barcode – The Barcode widget is a specialty tool for generating barcodes for your products. This is an online barcode tool developed by Element Pack to for adding digitally certified imprints over a large category of products. See the demo
  15. bbPress – Element Pack pro is the ultimate essential addons to integrate bbPress in the Elementor Page builder. Watch all of the demos in this page to see it in action
  16. Breadcrumbs – Element Pack has developed Breadcrumbs for ease of access, better navigation, and improved user experience.
  17. BuddyPress Member – Element Pack pro supports BuddyPress integration for elementor page builder. You can show a member of your forum using this plugin. Watch the demo now.
  18. BuddyPress Friends – BuddyPress Friends profile customization is now easy like anything. You can add color, customize their borders looks and feel. Start now.
  19. BuddyPress Group – Element Pack pro supports BuddyPress integration for elementor page builder. You can show the group of your forum using this plugin. Watch the demo now.
  20. Carousel – Touch Custom Carousel with modern looks and fell with customization options according to your needs. You’ll get an awesome experience with it.
  21. Circle Menu – You can now add a cool circle menu with animation using the Element Pack plugin. This menu will help you to make the ultimate cool menu for Elementor Page Builder
  22. Circle Info – For your users, presentation is everything. And present your content more daynamacally and out of the box, Circle Info can move it to next level.
  23. Custom Carousel – Touch Custom Carousel with modern looks and fell with customization options according to your needs. You’ll get an awesome experience with it.
  24. Charts – Element Pack Plugin is the ultimate solution to make charts in the Elementor Page builder. You can easily make animated charts on your site using this.
  25. Crypto Currency Card – Element pack brings the Crypto Currency Card widget that displays individual smart profiles for every supported cryptocurrency on your website.
  26. Crypto Currency Table – You can easily add the CryptoCurrency Comparison Table in the Elementor Page Builder driven website. Watch the element pack Crypto Currency Table addon demo.
  27. Comment – Element Pack Plugin for the Elementor Page builder provides integration for a commenting system like Disqus and Facebook comments on your website. Watch Demo!
  28. Change Log – For digital product Changelog widget is a must-have tool. Grab these tools to display your changelogs more user-friendly way.
  29. Charitable Campaigns – Element Pack has integrated with the 3rd party Charitable Campaign widget for letting you run successful charity campaigns within your website.
  30. Charitable Donations – Element Pack brings Charitable Donations to display donations history of all running campaigns highlighting donated amount along with time/date.
  31. Charitable Donors – Element Pack brings the charitable donors widget to display donor information along with name, avatar, amount, and location. Motivate people by showing valuable donors‘ activity.
  32. Charitable Form – Element Pack brings the Charitable Donation Form widget that allows valuable donors to donate within your website, leaving behind the tiring process of redirecting to external sites.
  33. Charitable Login – Element Pack brings the Charitable login widget to let your donors easily access your campaigns along with their profile. Also works greatly as a normal login interface.
  34. Charitable Profile – Element Pack brings the Charitable profile widget that allows donors to create their donor profile, providing necessary personal information. So, let’s create a clean profile dedicated to our valued donors.
  35. Charitable Registration – Element Pack brings the Charitable registration widget, letting your users and donors register to your campaigns with an easy-to-use and simple interface.
  36. Charitable Stat – Element Pack brings the Charitable stat widget to display the current progress of your running campaign. Display numeric values, as well as progress bars.
  37. Coupon Code – Element Pack’s coupon code widget lets you add stylish promo codes on your WooCommerce products or services. Generally, this widget can be used anywhere and would look awesome with its stunning interface and styles. See the demo
  38. Dark mode – To show your content differently, the dark mode can help you to make it read/show the content amazingly. Different colors and text look.
  39. Dropbar – To get more engagement with your visitors, drop bar is a must-have widget with elementor page builder and element pack pro plugin
  40. Device Slider – Fully responsive and SEO optimized module for your next WordPress site. Create beautiful sliders and tell stories without any code.
  41. Document Viewer – Our pdf and docs file Document Viewer for WordPress site module can read your pdf and doc files and show you in your page or post.
  42. Download Monitor – Now you can provide an interface for your downloadable files and the other elements for your visitors, with more engagement.
  43. Event Calendar Countdown – Event Calendar Countdown style can be customized with color, border, background color, padding margin, and position with element pack pro plugins dashboard.
  44. Easy Digital Downloads – Easy digital downloads product display with price, modified style, border options. It gives your site another level of functionality.
  45. Easy Digital Downloads History – Easy Digital Downloads History customizations options, body background color to match with your brand color and website design
  46. Easy Digital Downloads Purchase History – Easy Digital Downloads Purchase History: modifications and other options like border color, background color matching modules.
  47. Easy Download Portfolio Editor – Easy Download Portfolio Editor: you can set text color, padding, margin, border type, border width, color, and size with our widget.
  48. Event Grid – Consist of customizing grid, column number with the image or without images, and many other options. You must need this if you’re building an event-based site.
  49. Event Carousel – Element pack has integrated with the Event Carousel widget that allows you to create a carousel window, especially for upholding events.
  50. Event List – With event List now you can showcase your event with more style and organized way. That can increase your CTR and make more conversion.
  51. FAQ -Every service or website need FAQ sections to help its visitor give comfort. We’ve basic FAQ, Multi Open FAQ, Collapsible All Item, and many more options.
  52. Fancy Card – A modern card that can amaze your visitors and attract them to more engagement with your visitors.
  53. Fancy Icons – Element pack brings the Fancy Icon widget for creating beautiful shaded icons for social media promotions. Do a lot more than just an icon.
  54. Fancy Slider – Element pack brings the Fancy Slider widget for creating stunning sliders, unique and beautiful, as well as fancy.
  55. Fancy Tabs – Fancy Tabs is an amazing tab that can display your content more dynamically. You can showcase your content with more modern design styles.
  56. Forminator Forms – Element pack has integrated with the Forminator Forms widget which is one of the most popular form making tool over the internet.
  57. Gravity Forms – Gravity Forms and elementor pro pack integrated service with modification options can blow you mind because of its flexibility.
  58. Google Reviews – Now you can show your Google reviews on your site dynamically, TO establish your authority, Google reviews will help you on the way.
  59. Give Donation History – Element pack brings the Give Donation history widget that displays all the donations that happened on your page, including every campaign. It is your simplified memo pad, reminding you about all donation activities.
  60. Give Donor Wall – Element pack brings the Give Donor Wall widget for creating a promotional charity showcase with your valued donors. Display all donors‘ identity and donation amount stacked in a wall formation to boost community morale.
  61. Give Form Grid – Element pack brings the Give Grid widget that allows you to display multiple running campaigns in a grid formation. It helps to upload large events simultaneously.
  62. Give Form – Element pack brings the Give Form widget for creating easy to access donation form for charity events. 1-click to be a donor now!
  63. Give Goal – Element pack brings the Give goal widget for displaying running charity campaigns alongside current progress via a progress bar.
  64. Give Login – Element pack brings the Give login widget that creates a login field where regular users can log in using their login information.
  65. Give Profile Editor – Element pack brings the Give Give Profile editor widget for accessing and editing your donor profile while having a more simplified interface, including password change fields.
  66. Give Receipt – Element pack brings the Give Receipt widget that prints out a confirmation message on display against successful/failed donation.
  67. Give Register – Element pack brings the Give register widget that creates a registration form for users/donors who want to take part in your charity campaigns.
  68. Give Totals – Element pack brings the Give totals widget that shows current campaign progress in percentage stat and custom goal numbers alongside a quick donation button.
  69. HoneyCombs – Element pack brings the Honeycombs widget that allows you to create infographic honeycomb-style blocks showing stats, info, icons, and logos on both sides.
  70. Hover Video – Element pack brings the Hover Video widget that creates slider panels for videos stacked together in an accordion formation. Each one folds into a full section content hiding non-active ones.
  71. Hover Box – Display multiple number of full-size images with hover style using small info boxes. Perfect for creating multi-background interfaces.
  72. Instagram Feed – Example of Instagram feed widget showing on the websites and it comes with a lightbox effect image gallery.
  73. Interactive Card – Element pack brings the Interactive Card widget for featuring highlights and posts with a smooth graphical flow.
  74. Interactive Tabs – Interactive tabs are fun to use for making user interactive systems and make awesome layouts on your website. This is one of a kind of tabs widget with the most unique layout style. See the demo
  75. Image Expand – Element pack brings the Image Expand widget that creates a unique image accordion where clicking on any image will expand it into a slider while popping back other pictures.
  76. Help Desk – Here we’ve shown Help Desk example, just insert this element then you can add your social share link/id. For Example… WhatsApp, Messenger, and others
  77. Iframe – Options with audio, video google map embedding options and lazy load scroll bars, 360-degree view, basic elementor dashboard customization examples
  78. Icon Nav – Icon nav helps to create modern responsive and device friendly website designs. The best part – you can modify its every part.
  79. Instagram – You can easily display your Instagram images on your website with options like Default Instagram, Carousel Example, Masonry Example, and others
  80. Layer Slider – One of the best WordPress slider in the market with lots of options and features. Its shortcode supports the elementor page builder.
  81. Lottie Image – Even more options with your animated Lottie images makes your site more interactive and powerful. This presentation style will
  82. Lottie Icon Box – Now you can show Animated icons using the Lottie Icon Box widget. Supports up to infinity J-SON animations with Custom Field
  83. Logo Carousel – Moving content can attract more visitors. Logo Carousel can do that in a user-friendly way with an elementor.
  84. Modal – Modal Default Example, Modal Layout, Custom Link With Heading, Modal Optional Example, Modal Button Style Example customization, and many more options.
  85. Marker – Marker can make your sites more enjoyable with marker and tooltip. You can modify the basic – color, background color, typography with this widget.
  86. Mailchimp – Mailchimp integration and customization dashboard options – you can modify and place it’s shortcode anywhere you want on your theme.
  87. Mailchimp For WordPress – Mailchimp For WordPress can skyrocket your subscriber list if you use it on your site. Can integrate it with the elementor page builder.
  88. Navbar – Responsive Navbar options with lots of possibilities and modern design. Easy to use and user-friendly navbar to make sure your job easy.
  89. News Ticker – News Ticker Default Example, Label Hide With Animation Example, News Content Excerpt With Animation Example, Without Navigation Animation & many more options.
  90. Notification – Element pack brings the Notification widget for creating attractive popup & fixed-positioned notification messages on the user’s site.
  91. Offcanvas – Default Example, Custom Menu Example, Offcanvas Overlay Example, Offcanvas Flip Example Choose Sidebar Example, and many other examples.
  92. Pricing Table – Default Example, Tooltip Example, Skin Parfait Example, Badge Example, pricing table with background options, and many other variations.
  93. Protected Content – Password protected WordPress form and style changer from your dashboard with the help of element pro plugin. A fancy way to style and protect content.
  94. Profile Card – The best way to show your profile card, social media links on your site. Cards variation can match your design easily because you can customize the looks and feel.
  95. Post Slider -Post Slider widget allows you to display your blog posts in a very beautiful slider that will be present your content more dynamically.
  96. Post Card -Without Image Example, Without Tag Example, Without Excerpt Example, Read More With Icon Color Example for your blog and websites.
  97. Post Grid -Skin (Alter) Example,Skin (Paddle) Example,Skin (Trosia) Example, Skin Elanza Example,Skin Modern,Skin Carmie post grid widget – elementor page builder
  98. Post Grid Tab -Post Grid Pagination Example with modification options and basic color, background, gradient background color changes
  99. Post Gallery – Post Gallery widgets with Filter Example, Skin (Trosia) Example, Skin Fedara Example, Skin Abetis Example, Masonry Example to show post more dynamic way.
  100. Post List – Post list for your next elementor page builder to show it more dynamically with title, date excerpt, thumbnail style modifier.
  101. Post Block – Post block on websites with a more dynamic way with managing its number, style, and other things.
  102. Post Block Modern – Another way to show your post with the desired number, designs, styles, and other things, helps you to brand your sites more than any other things.
  103. Portfolio Gallery – This amazing portfolio gallery with awesome effects and feature now available to use right now. Use it for your portfolio gallery to brush up your site.
  104. Portfolio Carousel – Element pack brings the Portfolio Carousel widget that makes amazingly beautiful portfolios for products, services, and persons.
  105. Portfolio List – Element pack brings the Portfolio List widget that makes amazingly beautiful portfolios for products, services, and persons.
  106. QR Code – Background Color and Shadow Example, Border Example, Fill, and Font Color Example, Corner Radius Example with other options with QR Code widgets.
  107. QuForm – Quform is an advanced WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and easily build multiple forms. And it’s compatible with element pack pro
  108. Revolution Slider – Slider Revolution is an innovative, responsive jQuery Slider Plugin. And it works great with elementor page builder in a beautiful way.
  109. Single Post – Single Post Example, Single Post Title and Excerpt Example, Category & Date Hide Example to make up your websites and give it a masterstroke.
  110. Scroll Image – Height With Badge Example,Image Caption Example,Lightbox Icon Position Example,External Link Example with element pack pro
  111. Slideshow – Variations, easy positioning, customizations gives element pack pro plugins slider gives a ninja way to make your website classic.
  112. Social Proof – Element pack brings the Social Proof widget for displaying proofs of positive vibe using social media channels. Works great with Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc.
  113. Switcher – Switcher to showcase your content more interactively. You can add two different content to show with element pack pro switcher.
  114. Social share – Social share widget gives element pack pro plugin a diverse way to make their clients comfort. Also, it helps the visitor to share their feelings about the site.
  115. Source Code – Source Code allows you to copy your source code copy and paste within a single click. GIven source code now on your finger.
  116. Tabs – Element pack pro Tabs is a tremendous tool to show your content in a more disciplined way.
  117. Table – Element pack pro Table can display your content more dynamic way and it gives your site looks more professional and elegant.
  118. Tags cloud – Element pack brings the Tag Cloud widget that displays all tags within your niche in a fancy cloud formation. But, there’s more of it.
  119. Twitter Carousel – Twitter Carousel examples page Default Twitter Carousel, Columns (4) Example, Shadow Mode Carousel, Shadow Mode Color Carousel, and other examples.
  120. Twitter Slider – Twitter Slider example page like – Default Example, Execute Buttons Example, Time Hide Example, Navigation Bottom Center Example to showcase your tweet.
  121. TablePress – TablePress allows you to easily create and manage beautiful tables. You can embed the tables into posts, pages, or text widgets with a simple Shortcode.
  122. Testimonial Grid – Different style Testimonial Grid, comes with element pack pro WordPress plugin. You can use Top Avatar, Reverse, Image Hide skins to do that.
  123. Table of Content -You may define the different sections of the user-generated table of contents with any tag or CSS class included in the page or post content. Our widget makes it easier than ever.
  124. Testimonial Slider – Single skin, Thumb skin, Post Limit Example, Arrows Style Example, Thumb Border Example, Dots Size (15px) Example and other examples with element pack pro
  125. Testimonial Carousel – Skin Twyla Example, Skin Vyxen Example, Skin Vyxen Gradient Example, Shadow Mode Example, Shadow Mode Color Example, and many more examples
  126. Thumb Gallery – Default, Skin Custom Content, Content Style, Thumb Position Top Left, Thumb Position Top Right and other examples for you elementor plugin websites
  127. Timeline – Timeline with different styles like default, Skin Olivier Example, Without Background Example, Skin Olivier Without Image Example and others.
  128. Timezone – Element pack brings the Timezone widget that colorfully displays timezones of enlisted countries.
  129. The Newsletter – The Newsletter widget makes it easy to on-board users in your mail lists. This is an advanced tool that increases mail caching efficiency.
  130. User Login – Fancy User Login widgets for your WordPress website with element pack pro plugin. you can change and customize also your ready blocks.
  131. Video Player – When it comes to watching a video, you will always prefer to watch it on YouTube or other popular streaming websites. Our video player plugin is easy to use and ready to go.
  132. Video Gallery – Default Example, Thumb Layout (Horizontal) Example, Video Title & Description Hide Example and many other examples with element pack pro WordPress plugin
  133. Vertical Menu – Element Pack brings a vertical menu widget dedicated to our beloved eCommerce shop owners, adding a vertically aligned menu panel, boosting user experience to another level.
  134. Weather – Some different layout examples with Weather widget with custom design options like – background, color, typography location selections.
  135. WP Forms – Drag & Drop WordPress Form Builder plugin supported by your element pack pro WordPress plugin to make the design work much easier.
  136. WooCommerce Add to Cart – To increase more sales and post engagement, WooCommerce Add to Cart button widget help you to do it. You can offer your customer a more engaging design.
  137. WooCommerce Cart Page – WooCommerce Cart Page customization to match with your design and brand. You can change the table heading, body, button, and badge.
  138. WooCommerce Mini Cart – a new way to match your designs. Now you can show Widget Equal Height on elementor page builder, helps you to match the design.
  139. WooCommerce Categories – To display your categories on any page with products, to attract and make us more positive way WooCommerce Categories widgets are great options.
  140. WooCommerce Checkout Page – To match your brand design, Customize look and feel on your eCommerce website WooCommerce Checkout widget tools is a great way.
  141. WooCommerce Carousel – A wow way to give a master touch on your eCommerce website with WooCommerce Carousel, lots of features, badge, customization to increase CTR
  142. WooCommerce Products – Amazing way to display your products on your website. It’s dynamic looks and feature will blow your visitor and convert them to customers.
  143. WooCommerce Slider – Amazing and fancy product slider for your eCommerce site, to display and show featured product with price and other style modification
  144. WooCommerce Tracking Form – To track your order please enter Order ID in the box below. This was given to you on your receipt and in the confirmation email.
  145. 360° Product Viewer – 3D Product viewer for Elementor Page builder is the ultimate essential elementor add-ons you need for your eCommerce site. Check this element pack addon demo

Pro Version Extensions

  1. Element Parallax – Element Parallax is an excellent tool to engage the visitor and this amazing UX can catch the visitors attractions with animations and appearance.
  2. Parallax Background – Parallax Background widgets is an awesome tool to design your sections and blocks to brush up more to fine-tune its looks.
  3. Parallax Section – This parallax options give a fine touch with an interactive way to present your content. Gets more attractions for your visitors.
  4. Scroll Navigation – Scroll Nav Can Modify Unlimited Way, Scroll Nav Can Set Icon with Text, Scroll Nav Can Set Offset and you can change the looks and feel
  5. Schedule Content – Learn how to create schedule content with element pack pro, makes your job easier, and maintain your routine perfectly.
  6. Section Particles -Section With Particles Effects with different design effect and particles with element pack pro
  7. Sticky Section – An element with position: sticky; is positioned based on the user’s scroll position. Our sticky section widget will do that for you without any hassle.
  8. Transform – Use our Transform widget to transform any content by X, Y & Z axis. You love Block-puzzle? Make one with the Transform widget.
  9. Custom Js – You can load js Script in the header and footer section.
  10. Widget Tooltip – Very useful tools to describe the content or give a short note as a tooltip in element pack pro plugin to make your content more user friendly.
  11. Confetti Effects – Want to add party poppers on your website? Use the Confetti Effects extension to add all kinds of celebration poppers to your call to action buttons. Once pressed, the effect will take place inside your web page.
  12. Grid Line – Make website background even more dynamic using the Grid Layout feature from Element Pack Pro. The feature lets you place amazing grid color combination with max width, column width, grid angle, column number, and more controls. See the demo
  13. Scroll Box – Scroll Box is an elementor widget that allows you to display any content in a scroll box. You can also add a background image for the scroll box, making it easy to create a stylish design.
  14. Tile Scroll – The Tile Scroll extension from Element Pack Pro helps you enable a background scrolling effect combined with selective images in college formation. This is a new feature that keeps you section clean of widgets but still amazes people with cool animations. See the demo


  • Custom Gallery with hover effect.
  • Custom Gallery video example.
  • Flip-box widget example.
  • Countdown example.
  • Progress pie widget example.
  • Trailer box widget example.
  • Business Hours widget example.
  • Accordion widget example.
  • Logo Grid widget example.
  • Image Accordion Example
  • Form Example
  • Fancy Tabs Example
  • Fancy Slider Example
  • Step Flow Example


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload bdthemes-element-pack-lite folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
  3. Start using it by going to the elementor editor.


What page builder is supported Element Pack plugin

  • Nowadays Elementor Page Builder is a powerful page builder for WordPress as like as Visual Composer. So it supports only the Elementor Page Builder. But we have to plan more in the future.

Is Element Pack compatible my theme

  • Normally our plugin is compatible with most of the theme and cross-browser that we have tested. If happen very few changes to your site looking, no problem our strong support team is dedicated to fixing your minor problem.

How should I get updates

  • When we release an updated version, then automatically you will get a notification on WordPress plugin manager, so you can update from there. Thereafter you want to update manually just knock us, we will send you an updated version via mail.

where I get documentation?

  • We made lots of videos for each widget for a better explanation. Just look at our BdThemes Youtube channel Element Pack Playlist. Regardless if you have any issues or don’t understand anything just ask us anytime in the forum.


13. Jänner 2022
One of the best plugin I found for elemetor widget addons. It helps me a lot to design and develop a WordPress website like a pro. Highly recommended for elementor widget addon.
15. Dezember 2021
VERY attractive features.. (only reason for 2 stars) But SURE glad I did not pay for it and was testing. Panel Slider destroyed my CLIENTS site. Destroyed my header and totally disappeared with no way of troubleshooting other than deactivating the entire plugin and the entire pack. Which is the most common troubleshooting process to find out what plugin is having the issue. Then when going to support you cannot open a ticket unless you have purchased it - as they require a license code. So as I shared with them in an email (not sure they will get it) "Lost a Sale Today!"
17. November 2021
This made figuring out Elementor a lot easier and includes some downright beautiful bits and pieces. Might be the first Wordpress plugin I've wanted to purchase because of the love the devs put into this. If you're newer to Wordpress and Elementor, this is your hero.
21. September 2021
I bought the Pro version and the plugin simply crushed my Elementor Pro. Wanted to use for adding tag clouds which also didn't work. So I submitted a support ticket on 30 April and started to talk to them. They tried to help me (I admit) with no luck so I asked for the refund because it had a 30 day money back guarantee. They simply ignored my requests - ASKED FOR THE REFUND 8 TIMES - and went around the question. Finally, they promised to refund me on 24 June and I was waiting. We are on 21st September now and I still didn't got my money back!! Contacted them again and now they are blaming me for not accepting their solution. THERE WAS NOO SOLUTION! They also only want to refund me partially now!! WOULDN'T RECOMMEND THEIR SERVICE! They will blame the problem on you!
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Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„Element Pack Lite – Addons for Elementor“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:




  • Added: Equal Height Extension unlock from pro
  • Fixed: Icon alignment rtl issue fixed in Accordion Widget
  • Fixed: Tooltip issue fixed in Image Stack Widget (Thanks to Benjamin Wazin)


  • Added: Image Stack Widget Added
  • Added: Review Card Widget Added
  • Added: Static Carousel Widget Added
  • Fixed: Improved Asset Loading issue fixed in all Carousel and Slider Widgets
  • Fixed: Live copy conflict issue fixed


  • Added: Background Overlay Extension unlock from pro


  • Added: Wrapper Link Extension unlock from pro
  • Added: Overlay, Content Max Width options added in Slider Widget
  • Fixed: Required fields issues fixed in Simple Contact Form Widget (Thanks to Gabriel Sirbu)


  • Added: Content always visible option added in Panel Slider Widget
  • Added: Content position and margin option added in Fancy List Widget
  • Added: Show Hidden Item option added in All Carousel Type Widget (Thanks to Tariq)
  • Fixed: Navigation style not working issue fixed in Tutor Lms Course Carousel Widget


  • Added: SVG Image widget unlock from pro


  • Added: Mouse Interaction animation option added in Panel Slider Widget
  • Updated: Ajax search improved in Search Widget
  • Fixed: Fatal error Fixed in Contact Form


  • Fixed: Navigation style not working issue fixed in Tutor Lms Course Carousel Widget


  • Fixed: Style glitch issue fixed


  • Added: Element Pack Dashboard Search Widget option Added
  • Added: Layout box style grid gap option added in Logo Grid Widget
  • Added: Column and number hover controls option added in Fancy List
  • Added: Ajax search dropdown close button added in search widget
  • Added: Days area width option added in Business Hour Widget
  • Added: Text Stroke Width option added in Featured Box, Image Accordion, Panel Slider, Slider Widgets
  • Added: Navigation Drag Free Mode and Dots advanced size, space between option added in All Carousel type widgets
  • Added: Overlay Spacing option added in Custom Carousel Widget
  • Added: Alignment option added in skin Partait Member Widget
  • Added: Active item option added in image accordion widget
  • Added: Logo Size Cover option added in Logo Grid Widget
  • Added: Column Gap, Counter style controls and image multiple show/hide option added in Price List Widget
  • Added: Button ID option added in Call Out, Dual Button, Featured Box, Step Flow, Trailer Box Widgets
  • Fixed: Border issue fixed in vertical skin Image Accordion Widget
  • Fixed: Countdown widget ajax call in loop issue fixed
  • Fixed: Skin partait test style issue fixed in Member Widget (Thanks to Mohammad Mobasheri)
  • Fixed: Badge(step) Color issue fixed in Step Flow Widget (Thanks to Gavin Edson)
  • Fixed: Translation issue fixed in user register widget
  • Fixed: Editor conflict issue fixed in live copy feature
  • Fixed: Align control icon not showing for some widget that issue fixed
  • Fixed: Editor live preview issue fixed and fully rewrite the tooltip extension
  • Fixed: Tooltip editor visibility issue fixed in logo grid, marker widgets
  • Fixed: Minor issue fixed in Logo Grid Widget
  • Fixed: Skin Partait Text control style issue fixed in Member Widget
  • Fixed: Box Shadow problem for Safari Browser fixed in Reading Progress Widget (Thanks A Jccpa)
  • Fixed: Ajax search post type issue fixed in Search Widget (Thanks Justin James)
  • Fixed: Ajax Search Dropdown title color, typography and target attribute issue fixed in Search widget(Thanks Justin James)
  • Fixed: Template library data drop issue some rare case fixed
  • Fixed: Item height issue fixed in Logo Grid Widget (Thanks David Stauble)
  • Updated: Navigation updated in Panel Slider Widget
  • Noted: A massive code updated in tooltip extension and tooltip related widgets (Logo Grid, Marker) so please regenerate CSS from elementor tools after update this version. Also please review the pages where you used those widgets


  • Added: Loop time option added in countdown widget
  • Added: Title alignment option added in accordion widget
  • Added: gap now set responsive value in dual button
  • Added: Active item option added in image accordion widget
  • Noted: For Countdown widget individual style apear now based on a switcher


  • Added: Live copy option (unlock from pro) you can directly copy and paste blocks from our demo pages
  • Added: Direction Hover & Infinite Animation option in Step Flow Widget
  • Added: Item hover & normal option, Add to cart, before price, multi column, badge feature added in Price List Widget


  • Added: Add to cart, before price feature and item Counter added in Price List Widget
  • Added: Front part border added in flipbox widget
  • Added: Old Price option added in price list widget
  • Fixed: Fixed module base error for some rare cases
  • Fixed: Avatar Size fixed in User Login Widget (Thanks to Patrick Mullner)


  • Added: Calendly Widget unlock from pro
  • Added: Template library(in Editor) added
  • Added: Hide On Before Scrolling added on Scroll Button widget
  • Added: Glassmorphism option added in Lightbox Widget for some special cases
  • Added: Two Columns option added in Simple Contact Form Widget
  • Added: Location Redirect on submit option added in Simple Contact Form Widget
  • Fixed: Scroll Button Hide issue fixed (Thanks Sam Kary)
  • Fixed: User Register widget Recaptcha JS issue fixed
  • Fixed: Admin email overriding fixed in Simple Contact Form Widget (Thanks Ruben Romero)
  • Fixed: Hide On Before Scrolling simple bug fixed
  • Fixed: Link Attribute issue fixed in Trailer Box Widget (Thanks Jason)
  • Fixed: JS error fixed in Open Street Map Widget (Thanks Sailer)
  • Fixed: all Widgets minor markup validation fixed and properly checked by W3C validator.


  • Fixed: Fixed some tag size security issue


  • Added: Open Street Map Widget unlock from pro


  • Fixed: Utils issue fixed in Plugin system (Thanks to Alex Criswell & Enrico Diedrich)


  • Fixed: Active and deactivation error fixed
  • Fixed: Panel Slider title color fixed (Thanks to Greg Allman)
  • Fixed: Accordion, Custom Gallery etc widgets tag size security issue fixed


  • Added: User Register Widget unlock from pro
  • Added: Glassmorphism option added in Featured Box Widget for some special cases
  • Added: Text Stroke option added in Featured Box, Image Accordion, Slider, Panel Slider Widget
  • Added: All field Inline (horizontal), Show Subject, Show message, Alignment option added in Simple Contact Form Widget
  • Fixed: Button Icon RTL issue fixed in Call Out, Dual Button, Featured box, Panel Slider, Slider, Step Flow Widget (Thanks to Ahmad Almousa)


  • Added: Backdrop Filter (Glassmorphism) Extended Features added in column and all widgets
  • Added: Some Control Option added in Trailer Box Widget
  • Added: Some Control Option added in Twitter Grid Widget
  • Added: Some Control Option added in Call Out Widget
  • Fixed: Some PHP 8.1 issue fixed
  • Fixed: Some jQuery deprecated function issue fixed


  • Added: Search widget unlock from pro
  • Added: Title Icon and title hover border color option added in Accordion Widget
  • Fixed: WPML compatibility issue fixed in Custom Gallery Widget


  • Added: Vertical skin added in Image Accordion Widget
  • Added: Active Overlay Color option added in Panel Slider Skin Middle Widget
  • Added: End Action, Separator, individual style options added in Countdown Widget
  • Added: Overlay Blur Effect option added in Custom Gallery Widget
  • Added: Image Mask option added in Custom Gallery, Featured Box, Logo Grid Widgets
  • Added: WPML compatibility added in Business Hours, Fancy List, Image Accordion, Logo Grid, Featured Box, Step Flow Widgets
  • Fixed: Border radius issue fixed in Custom Gallery Widget
  • Fixed: Skin Horizontal Progress issue fixed in Reading Progress Widget (Thanks Jonathan White)


  • Added: Reading Progress widget unlock from pro
  • Added: Icon Some style control options added in Accordion Widget


  • Added: Price List widget unlock from pro
  • Added: Skin Flip Added in Member Widget
  • Fixed: We optimize our all assets (css and javascript) for faster loading. Now our widget will load 50% faster than before.
  • Fixed: Navigation fraction arrows and arrows spacing issue fixed


  • Fixed: Navigation issue fixed in Slider Widget(Thanks Louise Lua)


  • Added: Formidable Forms Widget unlock from pro
  • Fixed: Text background issue fixed in Slider Widget(Thanks Amos Klein)
  • Fixed: Placeholder Language change issue fixed in Simple Contact Form Widget (Thnaks Radu Irhasiu)
  • Updated: Template library completely restructured and make it future proof for upcoming huge template addition. now item search and filter will work smoothly


  • Fixed: Fatal error issue fixed


  • Added: Featured Box widget unlock from pro
  • Added: Icon position option added in Toggle Widget (Thanks Thomas Breher)
  • Fixed: Border Radius issue Fixed in Image Accordion Widget (Thanks Jason Lynch)
  • Fixed: Closed label option fixed in Business Hours Widget (Thanks Henley Tan)
  • Updated: Navigation style controls formate updated in every Carousel & Slider Type Widgets


  • Added: Everest Forms widget unlock from pro


  • Added: Image Accordio widget unlock from pro
  • Added: Skin Tiny Countdown Added in CountDown Widget
  • Fixed: Hover animation issue fixed in Scroll Button Widget
  • Fixed: Border issue fixed in Logo Grid Widget
  • Fixed: Element Pack tested for upcoming Elementor 3.0.0 and fixed all issues.


  • Added: Step Flow widget unlock from pro
  • Added: Fancy Animation added in Scroll Button Widget
  • Added: Coverflow Effect and Scrollbar option added in Slider Widget
  • Fixed: link Icon size issue field in Custom Gallery Widget
  • Fixed: Button SVG icon default color issue fixed in Slider Widget
  • Fixed: Svg icon default color issue fixed in Toggle Widget
  • Removed: Content Position default option removed in Slider Widget


  • Added: Fancy List widget unlock from pro
  • Added: Scrollspy on/off option added in Accordion widget (Thanks to Brendan Flanagan)
  • Added: Dynamic Bullets navigation option added in slider widget
  • Fixed: Image compare issue fixed (Thanks to Mbourgeault)
  • Fixed: Dots Navigation Center Offset issue fixed in Slider Widget
  • Fixed: UTC timezone fixed on dynamic style of Business hours widget (Thanks to Mariano Cucinotta)


  • Added: 24 hours functionality added in Business Hours Widget (Thanks to Mariano Cucinotta)
  • Fixed: Image Mask issue fixed in Member Widget
  • Fixed: Minor issue fixed in Business Hours Widget


  • Added: Dual Button widget unlock from pro
  • Added: Caldera Forms widget unlock from pro
  • Added: Image Mask option added in Member widget
  • Added: Toggle widget now attach with any widget
  • Added: HTML Title Tag added in callout, Panel Slider, Slider Widgets
  • Added: Grid Entrance Animation added in Custom Gallery, Logo Grid Widgets
  • Added: Dynamic Style and Header section added in Business Hours Widget
  • Added: Border Radius option added for Abetis, Fedara in Custom Gallery widget
  • Added: Hash location and offset control added in Accordion widget
  • Fixed: Dynamic tag issue fixed for some widgets
  • Fixed: Hash location issue fixed in Accordion Widget
  • Fixed: Anywhere Elementor and Elementor Template cache issue fixed
  • Updated: Slider widget now supports template load feature
  • Updated: Entrance animation added in logo grid, custom gallery widget
  • Updated: Tutor LMS Course Carousel Navigation Updated
  • Updated: Script Updated and some awesome option added in Image Compare Widget [Note: handle, click option removed]


  • Added: Accordion widget unlock from pro
  • Fixed: Image Magnifier widget magnification responsive issue fixed
  • Updated: Toggle widget completely re-coded for the fix


  • Added: Ninja Forms widget unlock from pro


  • Fixed: uikit framework CSS loading issue fixed


  • Added: Twitter Grid widget Added
  • Added: Fluent Forms widget Added


  • Added: Tutor LMS Grid widget unlock from pro
  • Added: Tutor LMS Carousel widget unlock from pro
  • Fixed: Business hours widget issue fixed
  • Fixed: Contact Form widget issue fixed
  • Fixed: Callout widget issue fixed
  • Fixed: Countdown widget issue fixed
  • Fixed: Custom gallery widget issue fixed
  • Fixed: Progress Pie widget issue fixed
  • Updated: UIKit framework updated to the latest version


  • Added: Logo grid widget unlock from pro
  • Added: WeForms widget unlock from pro
  • Added: Lightbox widget icon animation added
  • Fixed: Panel slider widget issue fixed
  • Fixed: Member widget issue fixed
  • Updated: UIKit framework updated to the latest version


  • Added: Brand new dashboard added
  • Added: Contact form 7 widget unlock from pro
  • Added: Image Magnifier widget unlock from pro
  • Added: Member skin skip added
  • Fixed: Business Hours widget align issue fixed
  • Fixed: reCaptcha issue fix for the simple contact form
  • Fixed: Trailer box style issue fixed
  • Fixed: some style issue fixed


  • Added: Business Hours widget unlock from pro
  • Fixed: Optimize all CSS and JS files
  • Fixed: some style issue fixed

1.0.3 [25th September 2019]

  • Cleanup some unused codes and improve code quality
  • Rooten theme compatibility issue fixed
  • Member tooltip issue fixed


  • Remove some unused codes


  • Pro version conflict issue fixed


  • Initial release